Mörkt hjärta

Mörkt hjärta The Dark Heart

The Dark Heart is an intense psychological thriller about an old family feud and forbidden love that leads to a tragedy. The series is based on the bestselling non-fiction title The Dark Heart – A true Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigation by Swedish crime reporter Joakim Palmkvist, which delves into a real-world murder case that left a small rural community of Småland in shock in 2012. The twist in the story is that the investigation was led by a Missing People volunteer who started to research the case and eventually solved the high-profile murder of local farmer Göran Lundblad.


Geneva International Film Festival Nominee (Best Series) Switzerland 2022
Series Mania Festival (Best Series - International Panorama Section) France 2022
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  • “This is a true crime series that grabs you not with the twists in the case, but with the twisted-ness that can be found. /…/ Möller and Söderlund have gotten it right. At one point, it feels appropriate to regard our characters less as that and more as individuals, less their respective labels in a crime series and more facsimiles of decision-makers who then feel the consequences in reality.”

    Jumpcut Online, UK

  • “You will not be able to look away.”

    Reel News Daily, UK

  • The Dark Heart is an intense, well-acted and atmospheric psychological thriller. /…/ An effective, suggestive narrative that – unlike many other series – refrains from overdosing and dragging out the episodes. Especially the two final episodes are real nail biters.

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “Uncomfortable and well-acted. /… / A frightening and well-crafted dramatization. /…/ There is much to appreciate and be impressed by in The Dark Heart.

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “Likely to be one of the best Swedish series of the year. /…/A series that never ceases to surprise you. /… / Truly worth the watch and difficult to tear yourself away from. The series’ darkness, fantastic acting and gripping storyline is sure to stay with you./…/ The sense of surprise is achieved foremost by how well written and detailed [the series] is. The Dark Heart allows us to truly come along on the path leading up to the murder and see how complicated it actually was with all the relationships and emotions at play.”


    Filmtopp, Sweden

  • “A mini-series worth watching, where you will be left impressed by a civilian’s strong drive for justice, but on the other hand appalled by how malicious people can really be.”

    Moviezine, Sweden

  • The Dark Heart is not only one of the best Swedish series that you will see this year, but also a series that is elevated if you are an active viewer when watching the episodes. /…/ Engaging oneself in the story and putting everything else aside when watching the series will assure that you get an excellent example of what TV drama can be when it’s at its best. /…/An incredible experience in just five episodes. 


    Expressen, Sweden

Photo: Ellika Henrikson Oskar Söderlund
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