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Aron Levander

Aron Levander (b. 1979) is a Swedish screenwriter best known for the successful TV-series The Truth Will Out (2018) starring celebrated actor and comedian Robert Gustafsson (The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared), based on an idea by acclaimed crime author and professor in criminology Leif G.W. Persson. The Truth Will Out received outstanding reviews both in Sweden and in the UK. The anticipated second season premiered on Viaplay in September 2021 to rave reviews.

Levander started his writing career as a copywriter and has been awarded by Cannes Lions, Guldägget, and the New York Festivals. His short film When Suckerfish Collide (2014) was featured at the Gothenburg International Film Festival and screened at the prestigious International du Court Métrage at Clermont-Ferrand.

Levander is also one of the writers behind the award-winning TV-series Jordskott II (2017) which has sold to over a hundred countries to date.

His TV-series Dream, an exciting sci-fi family series from Palladium Fiction, premiered in 2019 on SVT Play.

Levander’s most recent project, The Detective from Beledweyne, for which he is creator and writer, will premiere on SVT in 2023.


Kristallen Award Nominee (Best TV Drama) Sweden – Det som göms i snö The Thruth Will Out 2019
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Niklas Maupoix / SVT Photo: Niklas Maupoix / SVT

SVT’s new crime drama ‘The Detective from Beledweyne’

It is now official that SVT has ordered six episodes of The Detective from Beledweyne, a new crime drama created and written by Aron Levander.

A young girl disappears close to a refugee detention center. The lawyer Tilda Renström is about to deport a Somali refugee, but realizes that he has a good eye for crime and clues. Renström was recently fired from her job as a prosecutor, and now she sees an opportunity to use the mind of the refugee to solve the case of the missing girl. But there is a catch: he wants something in return.

The Detective from Beledweyne is produced by B-Reel Films, stars Malin Levanon and Nasir Dhagole, with Zaida Bergroth directing. Filming is set to begin in May with a planned release in spring 2023.

‘The Truth Will Out Season 2’ to stream on Discovery+ and air on channel 5

The Truth Will Out Season 2 premiered on Viaplay last year to outstanding reviews and is the most watched Swedish series this year so far on the popular streaming site. On Wednesday March 16, Season 2 will become available for streaming on Discovery+ and air on channel 5.

The runaway hit crime drama series is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and is written and created by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind. They are joined by episode writer Anna Platt.

Wonderful reviews for ‘The Truth Will Out 2’

The Truth Will Out 2 premiered this weekend on Viaplay and promptly received rave reviews in the press, which laud the second season as even better than the first. The crime drama series is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and is written and created by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind.

The Truth Will Out 2 gives us this year’s best Swedish TV season so far. /…/ Robert Gustafsson continues to deliver on the highest of levels, in what is without a doubt one of his career’s best and most gripping roles. The Truth Will Out season two raises the stakes also for its other characters, in what is both an impressive and cathartic manner. /…/ To conclude: When all the actors’ impressive performances are paired with a (from beginning to end) well-written script […] The Truth Will Out 2 succeeds in standing out from the crowd in the otherwise so crowded crime genre. There is no doubt that Peter Wendel’s story is time well spent before the TV.”
Filmtopp, Sweden

“Freed of excessive motions, [The Truth Will Out 2] stands out from the crowd thanks to how different it feels; angsty, subdued, controlled, believable. A big part of the reason why the series works as well as it does is Robert Gustafsson, who is once more phenomenal in his role as the cold case group’s sorrowful, head-strong and at times easily distracted leader, Peter Wendel. /…/ Also Ia Langhammer’s for the genre rather odd character, Barbro Svensson, is an important puzzle piece. /…/ The five episodes leave you hungry for more. Here’s hoping there will be.”
Aftonbladet, Sweden

The Truth Will Out 2 is even better than its first season.”
Expressen, Sweden

“Horrific scenes are woven together with both suspense and humor in a genius way. Robert Gustafsson performs his life’s best role as the distracted and resigned workaholic [Peter Wendel]. /…/ The television series keeps the standard high and is hands down one of the best contemporary Swedish crime dramas there is.”
Cinetaste, Sweden

‘The Truth Will Out 2’ teaser trailer release

Today marks the release of the teaser trailer for The Truth Will Out season 2. The crime drama series is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and is written and created by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind. They are joined by episode writer Anna Platt.

Second season of ‘Snabba Cash’ greenlit

Netflix has announced a second season of the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Swedish original series Snabba Cash, inspired by Jens Lapidus’ novel of the same title. Season 2 will be written by Oskar Söderlund and directed by Jesper Ganslandt, who are also the creators and show runners behind the series. Aron Levander and Mona Masri will join as episode writers. The series is produced by Nicklas Wikström Nicastro for SF Studios in collaboration with Strive Stories.

Evin Ahmad (Dröm Vidare, Quicksand), will once again play the leading role of Leya. Season 2 will continue the thrilling story of Leya’s life as she navigates the contrasting worlds of ruthless start-up environments and Stockholm’s underworld.

“With Snabba Cash Season 1, we wanted to tell a modern story through characters that, though they commit morally ambiguous acts, share the same feelings and dreams as many of us. We are overwhelmed that so many people have taken our series to their hearts. But the coolest thing of all is that a lot of people have felt they finally have been represented in a big drama series. That is truly the finest reward of all,” says Jesper Ganslandt, director, and Oskar Söderlund, head writer.

‘The Truth Will Out’ renewed for a second season

NENT Group has announced the renewal of The Truth Will Out for a second season. The success crime drama series is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and is written by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, who will both stay on as writers for the second season.

The new episodes will be directed by Kristian Petri and Daniel Di Grado. Robert Gustafsson and Ia Langhammer will continue in the roles of Peter Wendel and Barbro Svensson.

The Truth Will Out season two will premiere in early 2021 on Viaplay and later air on Swedish Channel 5 and Dplay.

SVT’s new flagship family series ‘Dream’

Dream is created by Aron Levander and Filip Hammarström, based on an idea by Johan Rudolphie. Levander and Hammarström are also the series writers alongside Dunja Vujovic. Two seasons have been produced back to back, with Amir Chamdin as director for season 1, and Kirke Ailio Rodwell for season 2.

Dream is set on an island, reeling from an asteroid hit. A young girl discovers that she and three of her new classmates have shared the same strange dream the night before the impact, manifesting their own futures. When the group learns that a horrible accident is set to take place – one they can knowingly stop – their decision to work together to prevent it from happening inadvertently changes the course of their futures forever.

Dream is produced by Palladium Fiction, and is now available on the Swedish FVOD platform SVT Play.

‘The Truth Will Out’ nominated for the Kristallen Awards

The success crime drama series The Truth Will Out has been nominated for ‘Best Drama’, ‘Best Male Actor’ (Robert Gustafsson) and ‘Best Female Actor’ (Ia Langhammer) at the 2019 Kristallen Awards. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on August 30.

The Truth Will Out is written by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, and is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson.

The hit series premiered on Channel 5 in Sweden in August 2018 and is available on the SVOD platform Viaplay.

Photo: SVT/Filip Hammarström

Aron Levander’s ‘Dream’ to premiere in 2019

SVT (Swedish public service television) has ordered two seasons of Dream, a new and exciting teen drama from Palladium Fiction. The TV series is created by Aron Levander and Filip Hammarström, and will be directed by Amir Chamdin.

Dream is about a group of teenagers whose dreams literary come true. Through their dreams, the teenagers are warned about horrible things that will happen in the future, and they have to hurry to prevent them from happening.

“It will be a series that crawls under your skin and turns your stomach, yet is heartwarming at the same time,” says Johanna Gårdare, Program Director for the Children’s Channel.

The first season of Dream will premiere in 2019 on SVT Children’s Channel.

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‘The Truth Will Out’ to premiere on Channel 5 next week

The Truth Will Out, the TV series based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and adapted for the small screen by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, will premiere on Channel 5 in Sweden on August 21st.

The Truth Will Out centers around police detective Peter Wendel (played by Robert Gustafsson) and his work as he heads a newly started cold case group. Gustafsson is joined in the cast by la Langhammer, Louise Peterhoff and Christopher Wagelin, among others. The psychological drama series is directed by Kjell-Åke Andersson and Liza Farzaneh.

Even before its premiere, the series has received widespread acclaim in Swedish press:

“A series that’s different from the rest, expertly acted and thoroughly thrilling. /…/ A truly excellent series.”

The Truth Will Out is this TV fall’s most given hit series. /…/ Right from the start, The Truth Will Out has three impressive elements to it: Robert Gustafsson’s deliberate acting, a low-key script where silence is given the same weight as dialogue, and a visual tone almost as familiar as it is foreign to the viewer. /…/ And it’s ambitious: when one episode ends, you long for the next one.”