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Hans Jörnlind

Hans Jörnlind (b. 1970) is one of the creators and head-writers of the crime TV series The Truth Will Out produced by Yellow Bird. The series, which is based on an idea by criminologist and author Leif G.W. Persson, premiered in 2018 and has received outstanding reviews.

Jörnlind has previously worked extensively in the field of dramaturgy as a script developer, showcasing his aptitude for structure and plot. In 2010, Jörnlind joined forces with screenwriter Aron Levander. The duo fused Jörnlind’s compelling writing with the fresh ideas and conceptualization of Levander.

Jörnlind’s innovative writing, mastering of different genres, and overall passion for plot structure, has resulted in a rapid rise within the Swedish film and television industry and has led to several projects in development and production, including Huss which will premiere in 2021 on Viaplay.


Kristallen Award Nominee (Best TV Drama) Sweden – Det som göms i snö The Truth Will Out 2019
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Premiere for ‘Huss’ on Viaplay

The new crime drama Huss is a series of five films starring Karin Franz Körlof as the daughter of the iconic detective Irene Huss, the protagonist of twelve classic films based on the novels by Helene Tursten.

A fresh graduate of the Swedish police academy, Katarina Huss has just started her job patrolling the streets of Gothenburg. But there’s more to the work than just solving crimes, as Katarina will discover. Besides getting to know her new colleagues and the local community, she must also win the support of her mother, Irene, who isn’t convinced by her daughter’s choice of career.

Jörgen Bergmark is the director and writer of the series together with Anna Platt, Hans Jörnlind and Peter Lindblom.

Huss premieres March 19 on Viaplay across the Nordic region.

‘Partisan’ the big winner of the Canneseries

The third annual Canneseries Festival took place this Wednesday night, and the big winner of the evening became the Swedish series Partisan, which received the award for ‘Best Series.’ Partisan is co-created by Amir Chamdin and Fares Fares. Hans Jörnlind, Anna Platt, Fares Fares and Amir Chamdin number among the series’ writers.

Top Dog was also one of the prestigious festival’s winners, walking off with the award for ‘Best music for crime thriller’.

‘Partisan’ to premiere on Viaplay in August

The Swedish five-part drama Partisan will premiere on August 16th on the streaming service Viaplay. In the title roles we see Johan Rheborg and Chernobyl and Westworld star Fares Fares, who also serves as creative producer on the show.

In Partisan, Johnny (Fares Fares) finds himself in Jordnära, a secluded Swedish village home to an idyllic community – at least on the surface. He befriends Nicole and Maria, two teenage foster children. During the summer, Johnny gets more and more involved in the girls’ situation and finds his focus straying from his main mission. But who is he really, and what is his agenda?

Partisan is directed by Amir Chamdin and produced by Johanna Wennerberg for Warner Bros. Hans Jörnlind, Anna Platt, Fares Fares and Amir Chamdin are among the series’ writers.

‘The Truth Will Out’ renewed for a second season

NENT Group has announced the renewal of The Truth Will Out for a second season. The success crime drama series is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and is written by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, who will both stay on as writers for the second season.

The new episodes will be directed by Kristian Petri and Daniel Di Grado. Robert Gustafsson and Ia Langhammer will continue in the roles of Peter Wendel and Barbro Svensson.

The Truth Will Out season two will premiere in early 2021 on Viaplay and later air on Swedish Channel 5 and Dplay.

‘The Truth Will Out’ nominated for the Kristallen Awards

The success crime drama series The Truth Will Out has been nominated for ‘Best Drama’, ‘Best Male Actor’ (Robert Gustafsson) and ‘Best Female Actor’ (Ia Langhammer) at the 2019 Kristallen Awards. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on August 30.

The Truth Will Out is written by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, and is based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson.

The hit series premiered on Channel 5 in Sweden in August 2018 and is available on the SVOD platform Viaplay.

‘The Truth Will Out’ to premiere on Channel 5 next week

The Truth Will Out, the TV series based on an original idea by the award-winning author and criminologist Leif GW Persson, and adapted for the small screen by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, will premiere on Channel 5 in Sweden on August 21st.

The Truth Will Out centers around police detective Peter Wendel (played by Robert Gustafsson) and his work as he heads a newly started cold case group. Gustafsson is joined in the cast by la Langhammer, Louise Peterhoff and Christopher Wagelin, among others. The psychological drama series is directed by Kjell-Åke Andersson and Liza Farzaneh.

Even before its premiere, the series has received widespread acclaim in Swedish press:

“A series that’s different from the rest, expertly acted and thoroughly thrilling. /…/ A truly excellent series.”

The Truth Will Out is this TV fall’s most given hit series. /…/ Right from the start, The Truth Will Out has three impressive elements to it: Robert Gustafsson’s deliberate acting, a low-key script where silence is given the same weight as dialogue, and a visual tone almost as familiar as it is foreign to the viewer. /…/ And it’s ambitious: when one episode ends, you long for the next one.”