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Fredrik Agetoft

Fredrik Agetoft has been working as a screenwriter since 1996, successfully writing for television, feature films and video games. With his dual experience in the gaming industry, Fredrik is able to compare the gaming world with more traditional areas of work, making his ideas for television and film highly imaginative and original.

Agetoft is one of the writers of Swedish Television’s Christmas Calendar 2020, Miracle, which revolves around two girls from different time periods who switch bodies. He is also the writer of the Beck films Death in Samarra (2021) and The Crying Policeman (2022).

Agetoft is head-writer of The Congregation, a drama series for TV4 and C More, which premiered in November 2021 to great praise. The Congregation is based on Jonas Bonnier’s fictionalized retelling of the fateful events of Knutby in 2004.

Furthermore, Agetoft is one of the head-writers of Clark, the Netflix hit series about the Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson, who is portrayed by Bill Skarsgård. Clark premiere in May 2022 and has been met with rave reviews.



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‘The Congregation’ returns for a second season

C More/TV4 will premiere a second season of the acclaimed series The Congregation in 2024. Fredrik Agetoft will return as head-writer, and Goran Kapetanović as director.

Aliette Opheim will also come back to her role as the charismatic and controlling Eva Skoog.

Shooting will commence at the end of February.

‘The Congregation’, ‘Suburbia’, ‘The Truth Will Out’ and ‘The Dark Heart’ nominated for the Kristallen Awards

The nominations are out for this year’s Kristallen Awards. The Congregation (Knutby), written by Fredrik Agetoft, takes the lead with a staggering five nominations, including for Best Drama Series’. The Truth Will Out (Det som göms i snö), created by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, and The Dark Heart (Mörkt hjärta), created by Oskar Söderlund and Gustav Möller are also nominated for Best Drama Series’. 

Suburbia (Vi i villa), written by Tove Eriksen Hillblom, is nominated for Best Comedy.

The Kristallen Awards ceremony will be held September 1 at Cirkus in Stockholm and will be transmitted live on TV4 and TV4 Play.

‘Clark’ to premiere on Netflix

Clark, the anticipated Netflix series about the Swedish “celebrity gangster” Clark Olofsson, will premiere May 5. 

The six episode drama is directed Jonas Åkerlund and written by Fredrik Agetoft, Peter Arrhenius and Jonas Åkerlund. Clark Olofsson will be portrayed by Bill Skarsgård.

‘Beck 46: The Crying Policeman’ to premiere on C More

Friday March 18 will see the premiere of Beck 46: The Crying Policeman. This time around, the Beck team’s case revolves around a brutal and fatal attack on a police academy bus. This is suspected to have connections to previous criticism of, and demonstrations against, the police. But when no one steps forward and assumes responsibility for the assassination, the team begins to dig deeper. This case also becomes personal for Martin Beck (Peter Haber) as his grandson Vilhelm (Valter Skarsgård) who attends the Police Academy could have been on the bus.

Beck 46: The Crying Policeman is written by Fredrik Agetoft and directed by Lisa Ohlin.

Teaser trailer release for ‘Clark’

Netflix has unveiled a teaser trailer for their upcoming crime series Clark, which tells the story of the Swedish criminal who gave rise to the idea of The Stockholm Syndrome during a failed bank robbery in Stockholm. Based on the truth and lies of Clark Olofsson’s autobiography, the series will feature Clark’s early years until present day. The notorious gangster started his criminal career in the 1960s and became one of the most controversial personalities in contemporary Swedish history.

Clark will be directed by Jonas Åkerlund and starring Bill Skarsgård as Clark Olofsson. Fredrik Agetoft, Peter Arrhenius and Jonas Åkerlund are the series’ writers.

The premiere date is yet to be announced.

Fantastic reviews for ‘The Congregation’

The anticipated TV series The Congregation, based on the novel by Jonas Bonnier, premieres today on C More and on TV 4 November 11.
The six-part drama, written by Fredrik Agetoft (head writer), Jonas Bonnier and Anna Platt and starring Aliette Opheim as the Bride of Christ, has received outstanding reviews in Swedish press.

The Congregation grabs hold from the first frame.”
Dagens Nyheter ★★★★

“The series succeeds with its difficult balancing act, and as a tragic, increasingly twisted and extremely unsettling suspense drama, it really delivers.”
Aftonbladet ★★★★

“The permeating feeling of uneasiness makes The Congregation so difficult to stop watching. An extremely well-acted and gripping series.”
Filmtopp ★★★★

“The strongest 5-star review ever goes to Aliette, who is utterly fantastic.”

Trailer premiere for ‘The Congregation’

The trailer has been released for the awaited TV series The Congregation.

The Congregation is set to premiere on C More November 1 and then on TV 4 November 11.

Ida Borg / TV4 / C More Photo: Ida Borg / TV4 / C More

The first photos of Aliette Opheim in ‘The Congregation’

C More has released the first photos of Aliette Opheim in her role as the Bride of Christ in the anticipated TV series The Congregation.

The six-part drama is based on the novel of the same title (orig. title: Knutby) by Jonas Bonnier. Bonnier also serves as screenwriter on the series, accompanied by head writer Fredrik Agetoft and episode writer Anna Platt.

The Congregation is set to premiere on C More November 1 and then on TV 4 November 11.

‘The Congregation’ to become a TV series

Jonas Bonnier’s The Congregation, a novel inspired by the real-life story of the Knutby sect, will be made into a six-episode TV series for TV4 and C More. Shooting is slated to start this summer. Head writer for the series is Fredrik Agetoft, who is joined by episode writer Anna Platt and the novel’s author and now screenwriter, Jonas Bonnier.

The drama TV series will depict the fateful events of Knutby, 2004, when a free church in small-town Sweden became the epicenter of a murder plot that shook the country. Playing the role of the figure at the plot’s center, Kristi Brud – “Eva” in the series – is Aliette Opheim (Caliphate, Beartown). The pastor arrested for brainwashing his lover into killing will be played by Einar Bredefeldt (Beartown), and the nanny by Alba August (Quick). The director of the series is Goran Kapetanoviç (Caliphate).

‘Beck 41: Death in Samarra’ and ‘Beck 42: The Lost Son’ to premiere early 2021

Earlier this year, Beck 39: Undercover and Beck 40: Beyond Reasonable Doubt were released on C More. They were the first two installments in a series of four new Beck films. Beck 41: Death in Samarra will premiere on New Year’s Day, and Beck 42: The Lost Son on February 5.

In Beck 41: Death in Samarra, a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize is brutally stabbed to death in central Stockholm, having presented the war tribunal in The Hague with evidence of illegal warfare. The Beck unit is under pressure to find the perpetrator behind the assassination before the Secret Service takes over. In Beck 42: The Lost Son, a jawbone is found out in the woods. The bone turns out to belong to the celebrated author Cecilia Eklund’ missing son, who disappeared five years earlier.

The two new films are written by Fredrik Agetoft and Stefan Thunberg, and directed by Lisa Ohlin.

Premiere for this year’s Christmas Calendar

As is tradition, SVT’s annual Christmas Calendar will premiere on December 1, this Tuesday. This year’s Christmas Calendar, Miracle, has already received great reviews in Swedish press. Svenska Dagbladet has called it “the most successful Christmas Calendar in nine years,” and Aftonbladet described it as “fun, exciting, educational and well-acted.”

Miracle is directed by Calle Åstrand and written by Peter Arrhenius, Fredrik Agetoft and Sara Young.

Swedish Television’s Christmas Calendar 2020

SVT’s Christmas Calendar, an annual TV series for children and families, has been broadcasted since 1960 and has developed into an essential part of the contemporary Swedish Christmas tradition.

This year’s Christmas Calendar is called Miracle and revolves around two girls from different time periods who switch bodies. One travels 100 years back in time, and the other 100 years forward.

Miracle is directed by Calle Åstrand and written by Peter Arrhenius, Fredrik Agetoft and Sara Young.

In the cast one can find comedy stars Johan Glans and Babben Larsson. The girls Mira and Rakel will be portrayed by Sarah Rhodin and Bibi Lenhoff.

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