Mai-Britt, Mars-Britt og mopsen Muntermor

Mai-Britt, Mars-Britt og mopsen Muntermor May-Britt, March-Britt and the Peachy Pug

May-Britt & March-Britt #2

May-Britt, March-Britt and the Peachy Pug is the second book in the series about the two friends. It’s August and the girls are just about to start third grade. May-Britt is overjoyed that her first-ever best friend will be in her class. And sure enough, the schoolyard becomes quite a different place with March-Britt at her side. Already the first day in school, everyone finds out that one better be on good terms with the eccentric new girl, March-Britt. And all is well until it’s clear that March-Britt was actually telling the truth when she claimed to be the WBUSP: World’s Best Undiscovered Soccer Player. Soccer is high on the list of things that May-Britt feels anxious about, and she is afraid she might lose her new friend. Being in school together turns out to be much more complicated than playing just the two of them, like they did all summer. But on a school swimming trip, May-Britt realizes that there is at least one thing she is much better at than her sporty friend. And after saving the day – as well as her best friend’s life – May-Britt becomes the celebrated hero of the class. And perhaps best of all: she gets to keep the adorable puppy she found in the street.


  • “Anne Holt has once again written an absolutely brilliant chapter book. The relationships between children and adults are portrayed with warmth and respect. ”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “The books have a wonderful warmth and relaxed attitude to them. You laugh and just have to love that cowardly Maj-Britt, and that Mars-Britt who is so wonderfully open-minded and does whatever she likes. ”

    LitteraturMagazinet, Sweden

Anne Holt
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