Mai-Britt, Mars-Britt og campingvogna

Mai-Britt, Mars-Britt og campingvogna May-Britt & March-Britt

May-Britt & March-Britt #1

In Anne Holt’s new children’s novel, we meet the two eight-year old girls May-Britt and March-Britt. May-Britt is a lonely, goody two-shoes child with an outlandish mother, an exasperating little sister and a father who is equally disorganized. Tomboy March-Britt and her angelic mother Anna have just bought the dilapidated house next door and are living in an trailer while their house is being renovated. May-Britt is hesitantly drawn to the fearless tomboy March-Britt, and soon finds herself with her first-ever best friend. The book is brilliantly crafted to throw children into giggling fits, eager to find out what will happen next. Anne Holt truly taps into the psychology of small children, and seems determined to create exactly that which children love and laugh at. The adorable illustrations are in tune with the warm message of friendship and openness, and are crafted by Norwegian artist Anne G. Holt.


  • “It’s an insanely funny book that is full of funny everyday adventures, but also has splashes of seriousness. The chapters are just the right length, never ending in cliff-hangers, and it works well to read one or two before bed. ”

    Arboga Stadsbibliotek, Sweden

  • “This is a lovely book that offers inspiration for a great deal of existential contemplation.”, Sweden

  • “A great little story that provides an outlet for all the things that rascally children like to do. /…/ The illustrations are wonderful… I definitely look forward to more stories from the Holt duo.”

    Böcker, böcker, böcker, Sweden

  • “I am completely in love with this book and I read it in one sitting – simply because I couldn’t get enough of this hilarious yet important story. /…/ This book describes childhood as I believe it should be – crazy, frightening, serious and very enjoyable.”

    Familjemagasinet, Sweden

  • “A funny and honest book to take pleasure in, and Anne Holt clearly demonstrates that she can write for children.”

    Laholms Tidning, Sweden

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