Dillstaligan: Vampyrkuppen

Dillstaligan: Vampyrkuppen The Dillsta Gang and the Vampire Heist

The Dillsta Gang #7

A new gang has presented itself in Dillsta, and they are a real scary gang of teenagers! There’s also something strange about them, apart from the fact that they’re teens. Why are they only out at night? Why are they so pale? And what is that red stuff they’re drinking, it can’t possibly be blood, can it? That would mean that they are… a vampire gang!

When the news spreads that the new gang is involved in drug sales, the Dillsta gang is faced with a more dangerous situation than usual. Perhaps they really should listen to the policeman Ali Svensson when he tells them to keep out of the way until the drug league has been arrested? As Zasha gets more and more scared, it becomes obvious that if anyone is going to catch the vampire gang it has to be the Dillsta gang! Time to shop for some garlic.

The Dillsta Gang and the Vampire Heist is the seventh installment in The Dillsta Gang series – fast-paced and fun books for younger readers by Jens and Hedda Lapidus.

Jens Lapidus & Hedda Lapidus
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Swedish edition

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Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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