Oliver Lovrenski

Oliver Lovrenski (b. 2003) grew up in Norway and has a Croatian background. His literary debut, Back in the Day, is an intense, poetic and raw coming-of-age novel from contemporary city life.


The Norwegian Bookseller's Prize (Book of the Year) Norway – Da vi var yngre Back in the Day 2023
Shortlisted for Brage Prize (Best fiction of the year) Norway – Da vi var yngre Back in the Day 2023
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‘Back in the Day’ No.1 in Norway

Oliver Lovrenski’s awarded and highly praised debut, Back in the Day, takes back the No.1 spot on the official Norwegian best seller list this week. The title is also on its 7th reprint, a mere two months after publication.

Oliver Lovrenski awarded the 2023 Booksellers’ Prize

Oliver Lovrenski has just been announced as the winner of the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize (Bokhandlerprisen) for ‘Best Book of the Year’. His debut novel, Back in the Day, has topped the bestseller list since publication, received raving reviews, and is hailed as an exceptional, outstanding literary debut.

The Bookseller Prize was awarded by the Minister of Culture, Lubna Jaffery, on November 14 at Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Director of the Booksellers Association, Anne Schiøtz, said the following: “The novel Back in the Day is simply a thunderous debut of the rarest kind, and has taken both booksellers and readers by storm.”

Oliver Lovrenski is the youngest author to ever win the prize.

‘Back in the Day’ shortlisted for the Brage Award

Oliver Lovrenski’s incredible debut, Back in the Day, has been shortlisted for the most prestigious literary award in Norway – the Brage Award (Brageprisen).

The jury calls Lovrenski a “linguistic genius” who “shows enormous literary talent”.

The full motivation is as follows: “The novel is inspired by Lovrenski’s own life. It is strong, humorous, tender, and heartfelt. Lovrenski, who is still a teenager himself, displays immense literary talent with his impressive creativity, linguistic genius, and the ability to captivate the reader from the very first sentence. Back in the Day is a fantastic contemporary literature from an authentic voice that truly knows what he’s talking about. It’s a novel that’s hard to put down and hard to forget. A novel you simply fall in love with.”

Should Lovrenski win, he will be the first ever debutant to receive the Brage Award in the fiction category. The winner will be announced 23 November.

‘Back in the Day’ shortlisted for the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize 2023

Oliver Lovrenski’s smashing debut Back in the Day has been shortlisted for the highly acclaimed Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize (Bokhandlerprisen).

Lovrenski is hailed as the youngest ever nominee of the award, and the nomination follows the title’s constant presence at the top of the best seller list since publication.

The Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize is awarded following a vote amongst all those who work in bookstores in Norway. Eligible books are those considered to be one of the “Books of the Year” written by a Norwegian author. The prize was awarded for the first time in 1948, and this year’s winner will be announced on November 14.

‘Back in the Day’ No. 1 in Norway

Oliver Lovrenski continues to dominate the Norwegian hardcover list, coming in at No. 1 with Back in the Day. Anders de la Motte meanwhile debuts on the e-book list with his just published The Glass Man, which comes in at No. 5. The Glass Man is the second installment in the Leo Asker series.

Oliver Lovrenski No. 1 in Norway

Back in the Day, Oliver Lovrenski’s highly anticipated debut novel, shoots to No. 1 on the official hardcover and e-book bestseller lists in Norway. The title also comes in at No. 1 on the list for Norwegian original language publications.

New title: ‘Back in the Day’

They’re young, filled with angst, pills, hope and love. The parents are powerless, the police are hated, and the child welfare has no control. Ivor and his best friends Marco, Jonas and Arjan are sixteen years old, live right in the middle a modern-day city, and fall deeper and deeper down into a world of intoxication, violence and criminality. But beyond that, there’s friendship, laughter, love, the yearning for grandparents and an unbreakable bond between young men.

Back in the Day is a novel about friendship and hope, about growing up too fast, and longing for what you’ve never had. We follow the boys’ day-to-day life through notes and longer passages where Ivor lets his thoughts and feelings flow throughout the pages. It is a rough story stemming from the urgency of our contemporary city life, characterized by violence and criminality, as well as by warmth and love.

Back in the Day is Oliver Lovrenski’s literary debut; a raw coming-of-age novel from modern Oslo.

‘Back in the Day’ No. 2 in Norway

Oliver Lovrenski’s lauded debut, Back in the Day, enters the Norwegian bestseller lists with a bang. The title claims the No. 2 placement on the hardcover list as well as the e-book list.