Det sista konstverket

Det sista konstverket The Last Piece of Art

“The Last Piece” truly looks unremarkable. When world-famous artist Hanna Stiltje unveils her latest artwork at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, disappointed murmurs travel through the crowd. Instead of an exquisite painting or statue like the ones she’s known for, she shows the audience a dresser made of junk and scraps. But they’re not just any scraps. Piece by piece, the story behind the clutter is revealed, unfolding a gripping story of parents’ betrayals of their children and the rigid blindness of the institutions meant to protect our youngest. But even more so, of daring to not close one’s eyes in the face of misery, that love has the power to win even over blood ties, and how we ought to celebrate the bravery it takes to make a difference in someone’s life.

Which is truly more note- and praiseworthy? The act of the artist under the spotlight, or the quiet kindness of the fellow human? Sofia Lundberg shows once more her unique ability to stir questions and emotions that linger with the reader.


  • “Oh, what an utterly wonderful and gripping gem! A page-turner with a plot that hits you right in the heart. Go get your tissues and get reading! /…/ With The Last Piece of Art Sofia Lundberg once again shows what an outstanding writer she is. The prose sparkles, the joy of storytelling permeates the novel, and the strong plot has it all! Joy, sorrow, betrayals, loss, friendship, sibling love, violence, and drama, just like life. The milieu depictions are painterly and descriptive, the characterizations so credible and living that even though it is fiction, I still feel as if the people and story is biographical. /…/ [Lundberg] has an astonishing ability to craft moving and unforgettable stories about people’s destinies, and how one’s childhood shapes and affects it. This time she has outdone herself. I warmly recommend you: Read, and let yourself be moved by this fantastic novel.”

    Agneta Norrgård, literary critic, Sweden

  • The Last Piece of Art is a gripping and urgent story of love, family ties, and the vulnerability of children. There are scenes as black as night in the novel, and tough issues are brought to the fore, and yet it is an incredibly easy read and page-turner.”


    BTJ, Sweden

  • “A striking look back at [the protagonist’s] life, and the power of art and love. /…/ Full of unwavering life.”

    Femina, Sweden

  • “Wonderful and well-portrayed page-turner about children, blood ties, and love.”

    M-Magasin, Sweden

  • “Another wonderful new book that I’ve just read […] is The Last Piece of Art by Sofia Lundberg. It’s deep, smart, and puts the focus on the age-old question of the abandoned child – much as Valérie Perrin does.”

    Nya Wermlands-Tidningen, Sweden

  • “The author writes with a finesse and poetry that grabs the reader from the first page. Her ability to tell a story that’s both deep and lucid makes for a reading experience that will linger with the reader long after the pages have run out.”

    Boktokig, Sweden

  • “A fantastic novel with wide and deep content, touching in every way. /…/ Captivating, with characterizations that feel alive. /…/ A superb novel to discuss in book circles.”

    P4 Västernorrland, Sweden

Photo: Viktor Fremling Sofia Lundberg
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