En helt vanlig familj

En helt vanlig familj A Nearly Normal Family

From the outside, the Sandells are the perfect family, but that facade crumbles when the nineteen year-old daughter stands accused of the brutal murder of a much older man. The family is desperate to help Stella at all costs, but the question is whether they really know their daughter. Or each other.


Ria Awards Nominee (Best Scripted Series) Sweden 2024
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  • “Netflix’s limited series A Nearly Normal Family stands as a shining example of this genre, exceeding expectations with its gripping narrative. /…/ Its masterful execution and attention to detail create a believability that transcends fiction. Themes of deception, family dynamics, and the search for truth are expertly woven into the narrative, making it a compelling and thought-provoking psychological thriller. It stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in the hands of talented creators, captivating viewers with its powerful story and resonant themes.”

    The Cinemaholic, US

  • A Nearly Normal Family is the well-acted and extremely thrilling mini-series that puts both trust and discomfort at its peak. /…/ The six parts which our series offers all contribute to moving the story forward, and the tension is kept high all the way through the final minutes. There will be thrilling drama at the highest level.”


    Moviezine, Sweden

  • A Nearly Normal Family is a series that offers many shocking surprises and twists. It shows how a single event can turn everything upside down and how family relationships can both help and hurt. /…/ [A Nearly Normal Family] is both gripping and interesting and will surely have you on edge from start to finish!”


    Filmparadiset, Sweden

  • “What drew me in with the story in A Nearly Normal Family was both the plot itself and how it was told. Letting us experience the events from various sides helps us get into their psyche. /…/ The cast of this series delivers extremely powerful portrayals.”

    Heaven Horror, US

  • A Nearly Normal Family is a gripping thriller that lures you in from the first episode./…/ If you’re looking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller that tugs at your heartstrings, you’ve come to the right place.”


    PureWow, US

  • “You get swept up in the events, which are based on a well-written and tight script. After a few episodes, it’s hard to imagine how it will all end, which is exactly how it should feel when you watch a great series. /…/ It is described as a crime series but I would like to argue, after getting an overall impression, that it can equally be described as a profound drama series that tells important stories about the reality we live in. /…/ In conclusion, it is a very captivating, and well-made series, worth watching, that makes you click on the next episode as soon as the end credits start rolling.”


    Filmtopp, Sweden

  • “Competent suspense with a psychological depth. /…/ A thrilling series worth watching, which poses thought-provoking questions.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

Photo: Appendix Fotografi Hans Jörnlind

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