Smuglerhuset The Smuggler’s Shack

CLUE #13

The CLUE gang takes it upon themselves to investigate the mysterious Smuggler’s Shack out on Pinetree Island. Packing all the necessary supplies, the group heads off. But the visit to the island ends in failure and they’re unable to enter the shack itself. Its doors and windows have all been nailed shut and secured with heavy chains and padlocks. As they later review Leo’s film recording from the trip however, the group discovers something they didn’t notice while on the island. Something strange is definitely going on in the Smuggler’s Shack – and it’s up to them to return and find out what it is.

The Smuggler’s Shack is a bonus volume in Norway’s most beloved crime fiction series for ages 9-12, CLUE. The story of Cecilia, Leo, Une and the dog Egon is concluded in this thirteenth and final book.

Photo: Anton Soggiu Jørn Lier Horst
  • Children’s suspense
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Norwegian edition

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Finland, Otava

Norway, Kagge

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