Felicia forsvant

Felicia forsvant Felicia, Gone Missing

William Wisting #2

Today there are 1171 people missing in Norway. Behind each and every disappearance is a mystery, a riddle – a story. Felicia, Gone Missing is one of them.

Just as William Wisting reopens an old missing persons case, the dead body of a woman is found at an excavation site. The investigation soon uncovers a web of lies, hidden truths and fateful events. The case might be old, but like ripples on a pond, its consequences reach even those living in the present, with dramatic consequences. Wisting will not only have to fight the clock and statute of limitations, but also: a perpetrator who thought they’d gotten away with murder.


  • “Yet another solid William Wisting crime novel with a believable plot that stretches back in time.”

    Litteratursiden, Denmark

  • “If you’re into proper, solid investigation work and a good mystery and plot, this is the book for you.”

    Bogblogger.dk, Denmark

  • “Spine-tingling suspense from the first till the last page. /…/ We applaud [Jørn Lier Horst] – again.”

    Fædrelandsvennen, Norway

  • “A pacy and great police procedural. /…/ Hat’s off. /…/ A very well-constructed and still sophisticated plot.”

    Aftenposten, Norway

Photo: Anton Soggiu Jørn Lier Horst
  • Crime
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