Leif GW Persson

Critically acclaimed and immensely popular Leif GW Persson (b. 1945) has over three decades chronicled the political and social development of modern society in his dark, complex and humoristic crime novels, where the social realism of a Balzac or a Dickens blends with the hard-boiled street lingo of a James Ellroy, along with dry-witted sarcasm and an unparalleled capacity for satire. Persson takes a kaleidoscopic grasp of Swedish society, and is as credible in his portrayal of the man on the street as the greedy and corrupt politician.

At once Scandinavia’s most renowned criminologist and a leading psychological profiler, Persson has also served as an advisor to the Swedish Ministry of Justice. Since 1991, he holds the position of Professor at the National Swedish Police Board and is regularly consulted as the country's foremost expert on crime.


Vilhelm Moberg Society’s Prize, Shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger, The Petrona Award, Shortlisted for the Petrona Award, The Danish Academy of Crime Writers’ Palle Rosenkrantz Prize, The Finnish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, The Finnish Whodunnit Society’s Award for Excellence in Foreign Crime Writing, The Piraten Award, The Glass Key, The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, Shortlisted for the Glass Key, Shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award See full list



Fall of the Welfare State


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Leif GW Persson awarded the Vilhelm Moberg Society’s Prize

Leif GW Persson will be awarded the Vilhelm Moberg Society’s Prize for, “like in the spirit of Vilhelm Moberg, knowing how to tell a good story credibly and with sharp prose,” as well as sharing Vilhelm Moberg’s “fearlessness and analytical clarity when it comes to criticizing the abuse of the individual by those in power.” The prize sum is 30 000 kronor, and the award ceremony will take place at the Society’s annual meeting at the House of Emigrants in Växjö, Sweden, in August.

The Grand Audiobook Prize 2016

Kristina Ohlsson’s Mio’s Blues, Liza Marklund’s The Final Word, Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun, Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s Those Who Failed, Jens Lapidus’ Stockholm Delete and Leif GW Persson’s The Bomb Maker and his Woman have been shortlisted for the Swedish book award The Grand Audiobook Prize in the Crime & Thriller category. The Blue Star by Jan Guillou is shortlisted in the Literary Fiction category and Kristina Ohlsson’s The Glass Children and The Silver Boy are shortlisted in the Children’s & Young Adult category. The prize is awarded to the book and its narrator both, and the winners will be crowned in March 2016 at the Grand Audiobook Gala in Stockholm.

‘Another Time, Another Life’ nominated for a Prix Europa 2015

The TV series Another Time, Another Life (2014), written by Sara Heldt and Johan Widerberg, has been nominated at the Prix Europa 2015 in the category ‘TV Fiction’. The series is based on the second installment in Leif GW Persson’s Story of a Crime trilogy.

Death of a Pilgrim (2013), the first part of the popular series, was also nominated for a prestigious Prix Europa in 2014. This too was written by Heldt and Widerberg, and was based on the best-selling novels by Leif GW Persson.

The award ceremony of this year’s Prix Europa will take place 23 October in Berlin, Germany.

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‘The Bomb Maker and his Woman’ No. 1 in Sweden

Leif GW Persson’s latest novel The Bomb Maker and his Woman has rushed to the No. 1 spot on the Swedish bestseller list. The stand-alone novel features Lisa Mattei as its protagonist, a familiar face from the author’s earlier works.

Leif GW Persson shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger

Leif GW Persson's Falling Freely, as if in a Dream has been shortlisted for the CWA International Dagger 2015. The novel is the final instalment in his Story of a Crime trilogy.

The 2015 Petrona Award

Falling Freely, as if in a Dream by Leif GW Persson and The Silence of the Sea by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir are both shortlisted for the Petrona Award 2015 for ‘Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year’. The winner will be announced in May 2015.

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