Operasjon Fangejakt

Operasjon Fangejakt Operation Prison Break

Detective Agency No. 2 #25

A new mystery lands itself on Detective Agency No. 2’s table when a jewelry thief escapes from Askmo prison. The thief has made her way out via a laundry van, but has now gone missing without a trace. The launderette happens to be located in Riverton and it is therefore highly likely that the escaped inmate is hiding in the Detective Agency’s very own neighborhood. Will Tiril, Oliver and Ocho be able to trace her down? And will they be able to find the precious stolen Maximilian-jewelry that were never located upon the thief’s arrest?

Photo: Dag G. Nordsveen Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes
  • Children’s crime fiction
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