Jakten på Snøkrystallene

Jakten på Snøkrystallene The Search for the Snow Crystals

Five priceless snow crystals made of glass are to be displayed by the glass studio in Riverton in time for the inauguration of the high street Christmas displays, only for these to be stolen in a break-in the night before. The Detective Agency No. 2 have to race against time to retrieve the glass statues before the famous designer behind them arrives to find that they have been stolen. A Christmas card found at the scene of the crime sends them on the trail of the thief.

The Search for the Snow Crystals is a shorter Christmas-themed activity book set in the Detective Agency No. 2 universe. In the book, the reader can join the hunt for clues, solve riddles and follow the leads. So better keep your eyes peeled: the solution is hidden in the text and images – perhaps even on the next page!

Photo: Dag G. Nordsveen Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes
  • Children’s activity book
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