Detektiven från Beledweyne

Detektiven från Beledweyne The Detective from Beledweyne

A young girl disappears close to a refugee detention center. The lawyer Tilda Renström is about to deport a Somali refugee, but realizes that he has a good eye for crime and clues. Renström was recently fired from her job as a prosecutor, and now she sees an opportunity to use the mind of the refugee to solve the case of the missing girl. But there is a catch: he wants something in return.


Kristallen Award Nominee (Best Drama Series) Sweden 2023
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  • “A unique and successful Swedish cozy crime series.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “Finally a brilliant Swedish cozy crime /…/ of international class. /…/ The series has also managed to create a unique double act, which is truly impressive. /../ I can’t wait until all the episodes are available on SVT Play.”

    VLT, Sweden

  • “Finally, a fun, intelligent Swedish cozy crime – and an innovative way forward for the procedural form. /…/ Sprinkles salt in a type of genre series where we’re used to getting sugar. That’s why the humor never gets boring either. It rather chafes uncomfortably, and I love it.”


    TVdags, Sweden

  • “A revival of the Swedish crime genre. /…/ TV creator Aron Levander returns with another well-written, exciting and entertaining crime series.”


    Moviezine, Sweden

Photo: Appendix Fotografi Aron Levander
  • Crime
  • Drama

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