Rekordskolan: Vägen dit

Rekordskolan: Vägen dit The School of Records: The Journey

The School of Records #1

Silje, Rurik and Kostas are nine years old, and none of them really fit in. They all apply to a boarding school on a remote island, where anything seems to be possible. The school was created by the world’s tallest man and is a place where you try to break different records, where you get to live in a tree house, a tent, or high up in a tower. At first it’s all thrills and laughs, but there are also clouds in the sky – for example the twins Sanji and Manja, and the strict rules. Would you really get suspended from school if you are tardy? The clock is ticking…

The School of Records: The Journey is the first installment in a series about records, friendship, relationships, and adventure!


Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards Sweden 2020
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Sääf Ekstedt
  • Children's
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The School of Records