Rekordskolan: Tävlingen mot toppskolan

Rekordskolan: Tävlingen mot toppskolan The School of Records: The Competition Against the Elite School

The School of Records #3

The three friends Kostas, Rurik and Silje return to the Record School for a new semester and learn that everyone in their year will be competing against the Elite School in a big record-breaking competition. There will be categories like trampoline jumping, obstacle courses, and the world’s tallest mohawk. The friends are both excited and a little nervous , but after a whirlwind trip with the school’s zeppelin, they discover that the Elite School’s students are using less than fair means in order to win… Silje’s mind, however, is on something else; her old friend Eddie is part of the rival team! Will they become friends again, and will Eddie maybe be able to help them figure out how to win against someone who’s playing dirty?

The School of Records is a book series written by Katarina Ekstedt and Anna Winberg, about the Record School and its unique students. Illustrated in vibrant colors by Carolina Ståhlberg, for readers age 6-9 who are fascinated by the Guinness Book of Records! The School of Records: The Game is the third installment in a series about records, friendship, relationships, and adventure!


  • “This is a fast-paced story with short chapters, making it an easily accessible read and providing a good flow in the narrative. Carolina Stråhlberg’s illustrations match the cool content of the text perfectly. The book’s message is that friendship, kindness, and fair methods pay off. An entertaining read with a clear message.”

    BTJ, Sweden

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