Rekordskolan: Sommarlägret

Rekordskolan: Sommarlägret The School of Records: Summer Camp

The School of Records #4

After some drama with Silje’s parachute, she lands in a strange forest, but how is she supposed to get out? Rurik and Kostas, who have already arrived at the summer camp, are determined to set new, exciting records in odd summer things! But first they’ll of course have to find Silje. Once reunited and back at the camp, they paddle a canoe, ride donkeys, and carve wooden figures. In the evenings, they grill record-breaking marshmallows and tell ghost stories around the campfire. But what exactly is that moving in the water, and who is sneaking about at night, whispering outside the tents? And what will happen in the fall – will Silje have to go to the dreaded Elite School after all? The excitement continues in this fourth installment in the series about the School of Records!

Sääf Ekstedt
  • Children's
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Denmark , Turbine

Norway, Cappelen Damm

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