En helt annan historia

En helt annan historia An Entirely Different Story

Malin Rehnberg #2

A famous lifestyle influencer is found murdered in a suite at one of Stockholm’s finest hotels. Is it a cold staged execution, or the result of erotic play gone too far?

The former colleague of Fabian Risk, Malin Rehnberg, recovered from the events in The Ninth Grave three years prior, receives the case on her desk and is forced to fight against her new boss who wants the regional criminal police to focus on an ongoing trafficking investigation. And at the same time, family life together with Anders out in Enskede is getting increasingly unstable.

When yet another murder occurs, everything turns on its head. Is there any connection between the victims, can these cases be part of something bigger, and what does that persistent stalker who keeps appearing in the investigation actually want?

Photo: Thron Ullberg Stefan Ahnhem
  • Crime
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