Lars Kepler, Martin Widmark and Måns Mosesson on the Swedish bestseller lists

Lars Kepler stays put at No. 1 on the hardcover fiction list with The Spider, the ninth Joona Linna novel. Martin Widmark similarly continues to occupy the top spots in the children’s fiction category, coming in at No. 1 with The Detective Mystery, No. 2 with The Gold Mystery, and No. 4 with The Music Mystery. Måns Mosesson makes a comeback on the non-fiction list with Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii, which lands the No. 4 spot.

Stefan Ahnhem and Kristina Ohlsson on the Norwegian bestseller lists

Stefan Ahnhem’s An Entirely Different Story climbs the hardcover fiction list this week, coming in at No. 4. Kristina Ohlsson meanwhile claims the No. 1 spot on the e-book list with the just published Dimmed Lights, also No. 5 on the hardcover list.

Sara Mac Key Photo: Sara Mac Key

Ia Genberg awarded the Aftonladet Literary Prize

The Aftonbladet Literary Prize 2022 is awarded to Ia Genberg, writer of the August prize winning and highly acclaimed The Details. The jury’s motivation is as follows: With the latest novel, the curiosity for humans is refined as the author’s signum. The vision is clear, yet forgiving. It relies on the people who come and go through a life and who’s imprints make us who we are. The book stays close to every day life, but billows like a body in constant movement. With a focus on the concentration of moments, the story reaches beyond clichés and the latches of chronology.” 

The prize has since 1957 been awarded “on exclusively artistic grounds to any Swedish writer who is still in creative development”.

Ville Juurikkala Photo: Ville Juurikkala

‘The Moose Paradox’ nominated for the CrimeFest’s Last Laugh Award

Antti Tuomainen’s suspenseful novel The Moose Paradox has been nominated for CrimeFest’s Last Laugh Award 2023 in the category Best Humourous Crime Novel. The winner will be announced at the CrimeFest Gala Dinner on May 13.

Fantastic reviews for Abbe Hassan’s ‘Exodus’

Abbe Hassan’s feature debut Exodus, written together with Kristoffer Cras, was released in Swedish theatres March 10 to outstanding reviews.

Director Abbe Hassan creates pure film magic. /…/ A masterful feature film debut. /…/ Abbe Hassan is a name to remember. /…/ A brilliant and unique refugee drama.
Moviezine ★★★★

Exodus – a masterful debut. /…/ A brilliant film, unique and deeply moving. /…/ Exodus is a grand drama about two people on the run which stands out with a unique story. /…/ The interaction between the two, Amal and Sam, is phenomenally well portrayed.
Kulturbloggen ★★★★★

An impressive feature film debut that bodes well for the future. /…/ It is not an easy subject which Abbe Hassan has chosen to portray, but he does it with great assurance and a surprisingly light hand.
Filmtopp ★★★★

Hassan’s film is a warm portrayal of humanity in the wake of the dark reality of war. ★★★★

The interaction between the Palestinian actor Ashraf Barhom and the Swedish debutant Jwan Alqatami is immediately vigorous and interesting.

The last scene breaks my heart into a thousand pieces.
Kulturnytt i P1

Lars Kepler and Martin Widmark February’s most sold in Sweden

Lars Kepler and Martin Widmark are the most sold authors of the month of February in Sweden. Lars Kepler is No. 1 on the hardcover fiction list with The Spider. Martin Widmark is No. 1 in the children’s category with The Gold Mystery.

Lars Kepler and Martin Widmark No. 1 in Sweden

Lars Kepler’s The Spider stays put at No. 1 on the official bestseller list for hardcover fiction in Sweden. Martin Widmark also reprises his placements of last week, claiming both the No. 1 and No. 2 spots on the children’s fiction list with The Gold Mystery and The Detective Mystery.

Stefan Ahnhem No. 1 in Norway

Stefan Ahnhem’s An Entirely Different Story leaps to No. 1 on the official e-book bestseller list in Norway. The just published hardcover also makes its debut on the hardback fiction list.

Ingeborg Klyve

Outstanding opening for ‘Exit’

NRK just released the viewer ratings for the third and final season of Scandinavia’s most watched TV-series of all time, Øystein Karlsen’s mega hit Exit, which premiered on Thursday last week. A mind-blowing 1.082.000 Norwegians watched the first episode over the course of just four days, a figure that proves that Exit is the most popular TV drama in Norway.