Upptäckare och äventyrare

Upptäckare och äventyrare Explorers and Adventurers

 Around the World #

With Sarah Sheppard as a guide, the journey is both fun and educational. Learn about space flight, impossible missions and exciting research trips. Learn something new about the first moon landing, follow the dangerous race to be first to reach the South Pole, find out who the first explorers into the world’s deepest oceanic trench were or where the pilot Amelia Earhart went.

The books brims with fascinating facts, interesting anecdotes and humorous reflections. A must for all children who yearn for adventure and dangerous journeys, without having to leave home!


  • “[Filled with] humor and accessible knowledge […] An exciting and fun round-the-world trip for the younger kids with an updated perspective on old heroes. ”

    Smålänningen, Sweden

  • “Page up and page down in the book, cold facts are mixed with hilarious anecdotes and details and for the explorer-nerd this is pure heaven. ”

    Eskilstuna-Kuriren, Sweden

Sarah Sheppard
  • Children’s
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