Djuren i skogen

Djuren i skogen Animals in the Forest

Animals #1

Welcome to the forest! In the forest, there are lots of trees. Not to mention old tree-stumps, big boulders, bushes, and thickets. It can seem quite calm in there; a murmur from the treetops here, pine-needles gently falling on a trail over there. But there is always something going on! On the ground, up in the trees, or even under ground. The elk, the fox, the tick, and the wolf – they have all made the forest their home. The ant, the mouse, the bear, the killer slug. The forest is where they eat and sleep, play and fight, learn to fly, walk, or run for their lives. Some of them you can see often, others more seldom, some almost never. Yet they are all in there. During spring, summer, fall, and winter…


  • “[Sarah Sheppard] has found a unique way of making picture books, with lots of worthwhile facts, infectious humor, and clear drawings in bright colors.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “Sarah Sheppard mixes hard facts with humor.”

    Sveriges Radio, Sweden

  • “With colorful illustrations and clever compositions, which gives the reader lots to discover both in words and images, one is guided through the wildlife of the forest. /…/ Humorous speech balloons enhance the mood and give the animals a personal touch. /…/ Animals of the Forest is an exciting, imagination-triggering book.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Funny, colorful, and educational, both for adults and children. /…/ A long, fact-filled science-based book that completely enchants both the three-year-old and the five-year-old. /…/ I can’t give anything less than a top rating when illustrator and author Sarah Sheppard takes on the Swedish forest and its inhabitants in yet another masterpiece.”

    Mama, Sweden

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