Djuren i vattnet

Djuren i vattnet Animals in the Water

Animals #2

There is a whole world to explore underneath the surface – dive in and you will see! Read about the strange life of the slimy eel, what happens on the coral reef, and which fish is the messiest in Scandinavia.

A humorous and educational non-fiction about everything living in water. Learn about life beneath the surface, visit lakes, creeks, and oceans all over Scandinavia. Plankton, seaweed, algae, and sticklebacks, old pikes and herrings in shoals. No one can engage their readers quite like Sarah Sheppard. Facts and humor blend in perfect harmony as she teaches the reader about the lives of animals and nature.


  • “A colorful, stylistic book which vitalizes the aquatic ecosystem for young readers (…). Sarah Sheppard impressively manages to convey lots of facts with humor and depth in her presentation (…). Very well-made and [Animals in the Water] deserves readers of all ages, not only the kindergarteners it is designed for.”

    Sveriges Radio, Sweden

  • “The book breathes both a lust to learn and wish to teach. /…/ The imagery is impressive, the spreads are seamlessly intertwined and creates expectation that is followed-up on the next page (…). Wonderful!”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Seeing the different aquatic animals in [Sarah Sheppard’s] shapes is pure magic.”

    Boktugg, Sweden

  • “The illustrations are full of life and the colorful spreads with lots to look at awakens the curiosity to discover. /…/ Sarah Sheppard’s style and humor makes the facts presented easy to take in and most of all remember.”, Sweden

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