Dinosaurier överallt

Dinosaurier överallt Dinosaurs Everywhere

Dinosaurs #

Welcome to the end of the Cretaceous period!

A wonderful age if you are a dinosaur – less so if you are a mammal. Like, for instance, a Zalambdalestes; a small rat-like creature.

Mammals during the Cretaceous period are small, while dinosaurs are gigantic, and absolutely everywhere. They take up all of the space, eat all the food, and their dung piles are huge – and positively deadly.

In Dinosaurs Everywhere we follow the little rat-like mammal Zalambdalestes, courageously trying to survive each day without being eaten or trampled on. But what does fate have in store for it and its relatives? Will they make it? (Spoiler warning: They will. After the age of dinosaurs, the age of mammals begins, with mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and eventually humans. Thank you, rats!)

Sarah Sheppard’s fact books are in a class of their own. With sound research and a fine-tuned sense of humor, her entertaining and exciting books have been loved by tens of thousands of readers of all ages and in many countries. From dinosaurs and important maps, to sharks and adventurous journeys, time and again she has taken us on adventures around the world.


  • “The colorful and funny gangs of dinosaurs, created by Sarah Sheppard, are back. A TV series about them, Dino Deluxe, has also been made, and this book has the same starting point and framework as the series. A rat-like family of mammals, the Zalambdalestes, lived alongside the dinosaurs during the cretaceous period, and their fight for survival is depicted here. And there’s room for some potty humor, too, when the small animals are buried alive under a long poo (which can weigh as much as a car!). Through speech bubbles the Zalambdalestes are given a voice of their own and their frustration that the dinosaurs are taking up all the space at the cost of the mammals, is evident. As in previous books, the author and illustrator Sarah Sheppard succeeds in combining facts with playful humor. Not least through captivating images in bright colors and humorous shapes that play with and challenge the imagination and one’s notions of what dinosaurs were like. Through text and illustrations the reader is fascinated and taught lots about dinosaurs – including the fact that there were mammals already during the age of dinosaurs, and how these lived and survived when the dinosaurs disappeared.”


    BTJ, Sweden

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