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Dino Deluxe Dino Deluxe

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A new and expanded edition of the beloved modern classic, Lots of Dinosaurs (2008)!

Dino Deluxe is popular science at its best and a reference book that all dino lovers should have in their bookcase.

Sarah Sheppard has been entertaining children with amazing facts for ten years now and is the uncrowned Queen of Dinos. Her imaginative books are a wonderful mixture of color, humor and fascinating facts, making it impossible not to be intrigued by the subject at hand, and this particular title is a compilation of Shepherd’s most interesting, fascinating and amusing facts, all presented together with new and amazing information that researchers have uncovered over the past ten years.


Shortlisted for the August Prize (Best Children's Book) Sweden 2008
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  • “We have seventeen books about dinosaurs at home, and yet I feel that I must have this book when I look inside Sarah Sheppard’s Dino Deluxe! This particular title is something special, not like any of our other dino books.”

    Svensk Bokhandel, Sweden

  • What really makes Sheppard’s book stand out from the crowd is the personal appeal and the humor. The comic strip A Troubled Week at the End of the Cretaceous Period succeeds in explaining roughly why the dinosaurs died out in just seven strips and a few words. Moreover, it’s an extremely fun read.

    Södermanlands Nyheter, Sweden

  • “Pop-culture at its best! It’s impossible not to become fascinated by dinosaurs – and have your mood lifted – when you read Sarah Sheppard’s new work.”

    Mama, Sweden

  • “In an inspired and entertaining tale peppered with facts, Sheppard gives us insights into the Mohawk Gang, the Armor Gang, The Thick-Skulled Gang, and then the gang everyone’s terrified of: The Meat Gang! /…/ Dino Deluxe works both as a read-aloud title and a first read-on-your-won book.”

    Falu-Kuriren, Sweden

  • Dino Deluxe is an absolutely wonderful children’s book. Sarah Sheppard har written as well as illustrated this little piece of art. She knows her dinosaurs and takes dino-loving kids seriously. A rich nonfiction book for ages 4-5 and up.”

    Amelia, Sweden

  • “A children’s book many of us have read so many times that we can recite long passages by heart.”

    Dagens Industri, Sweden

  • “A book about dinosaurs that with its colorful design gives a different and stimulating reading experience. /…/ The amount of text and its contents suit a somewhat experienced reader, but it’s a wonderful book also for the youngest to flip through, certain to catch their interest with images that stir the imagination.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “Sarah Sheppard is excellent and entertaining in the facts book Dino Deluxe.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “The most read book of the year in yours truly’s home. Funny, colorful, and imagination-tickling – the knowledge comes as a bonus.”

    Expressen, Sweden

Sarah Sheppard
  • Children’s non-fiction
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