Skilpaddekanonen The Explorers’ Club and the Turtle Cannon

The Explorers’ Club #2

Ella and Felix journey to the desert and to a stilt-borne city wedged among its sand dunes to discover why it has started raining turtles there. The Explorers’ Club soon discovers the robotic turtles to be part of the evil Piranha Pirates’ scheme to steal the city’s precious silver spiders. The spiders’ webs are used to make the inhabitants’ silver suits that can deflect the scorching sun, and the city will be at complete loss without them. The Club decides to lure the Piranha Pirates into a trap, but as part of that plan they first need to venture into the pirates’ terrifying fortress.


Shortlisted for the Mofibo Awards (Best Children’s) Denmark 2021
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  • “Pure entertainment. /…/ [Bobbie Peers] delivers international entertainment and gives children everything they could wish for. /…/ [The Marshmallow Machine] gives readers of all genders impressive characters to relate to. /…/ The illustrations are attractive and sucks you in. /…/ [It] stirs the imagination, both in illustrations and words. /…/ [The Marshmallow Machine] has taken notes from the movie industry on how to maximize the excitement.”


    Bergens Tidning, Norway

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter Bobbie Peers
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