Orbulatoragenten William Wenton and the Lost City

William Wenton #3

The adventure continues!

When Big Ben suddenly stops ticking, William knows something big is about to happen. And sure enough, a mysterious figure calling himself the Orbulator Agent shows up, marking the start of a new whirlwind adventure for William and his best friend Iscia. What does the Orbulator Agent want with William? … And what on earth is an orbulator, anyway?

Dark secrets and seemingly impossible-to-crack codes fill the pages of the third installment in the internationally acclaimed William Wenton series, William Wenton and the Lost City. Bobbie Peers’ return to the Wenton universe is a sparkling parade of ingenious twists and turns, smart-mouthed robots, and bravery – in all its shapes and sizes.


  • “[Bobbie Peers] writes so cinematically, in such an action-driven manner, and so tangibly and visually that you almost see the film playing before your mind’s eye as you read. /…/ [William Wenton and the Lost City] is easy to read, has a lovely flow to it, and Peers ends the chapters with nice cliff-hangers. Throughout the book he shows great joy in his storytelling, and inserts subtle humor where appropriate – the robots are especially hilarious. /…/ William Wenton is without a doubt the closest Norway will come to having its own Harry Potter.”

    Bok 365, Norway

  • “Bobbie Peers has created an entertaining and fascinating universe in an adventure series for kids that moves at 110 kilometers per hour /…/ The most hilarious mix of robot comedy, science fiction and action adventure that I’ve read in years.”


    Verdens Gang, Norway

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter Bobbie Peers
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