Marvin Mellom og Fred på jorden

Marvin Mellom og Fred på jorden Marvin Mellow and Peas on Earth

Marvin Mellow is a strikingly ordinary boy. He gets pushed around by nasty bullies at school and dreams of becoming a YouTube star. Then one day his life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a peculiar metal egg in his garden and befriends the alien Peas. From then on, nothing is ordinary!

A wild and laugh-out-loud funny story for middle grade readers, featuring Marvin Mellow, Fred, Principal Tor, the bullies Irmeline and Fluffy, action heroes, stunt men, dating, aliens, fame, bagpipe music and friendship. Ahead of its release Marvin Mellow and Peas on Earth has landed Bobbie Peers his second nomination for the sought-after Ark’s Children’s Book Award for children’s book of the year.


  • “Bobbie Peers has been a godsend for Norwegian children’s literature. /…/ This story is fast-paced and has a wittiness about it that will make you both giggle and laugh out loud.”

    ARK, Norway

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter Bobbie Peers
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