Førstehjelp for drapsmenn

Førstehjelp for drapsmenn First Aid for Killers

Knut Jensen is a 42-year old laundry manager from Norway, living a rather ordinary life with his long-time love Nina. But also an ordinary life has its up and downs, and Knut’s existence is now in free fall. He has run the family cleaning business into bankruptcy and in a final attempt to revive the passion in his relationship, Knut and Nina travel to Majorca to celebrate Christmas.

Donning his Hawaii shirt and crocs, Knut pulls aside the red curtains in the airplane and enters Business Class to go to the bathroom. There he encounters a wealthy businessman by the name of Benjamin Foley. Little does he know this encounter will forever change the course of his life, as a rather innocent deception stemming from this meeting spirals wildly out of control.

First Aid for Killers is a hilarious novel about the dangers in presuming the grass is greener on the other side. A wild comedy of errors about love, identity crises and the pursuit of the perfect life.


  • “[First Aid For Killers] is incredibly funny. /…/ Bobbie Peers has created laugh-out-loud entertainment out of this trip to the south. /…/ This [novel] offers the perfect relaxation for the holidays.”


    Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter Bobbie Peers
  • Crime
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