Marshmallowsmaskinen The Explorers’ Club and the Marshmallow Machine

The Explorers’ Club #1

Having put the final touches to her latest invention – a globe full of fun devices – Ella finds herself suddenly sucked into the world inside the globe. As she’s falling through the sky she’s saved by Felix, an airship captain and professional “discoverer.” Felix recruits Ella for his latest mission: To find out why the all-important Marshmallow Machine has stopped working. But standing in their way are the Piranha Pirates: armed, dangerous, and very hungry for the last remaining marshmallows.

The lauded and internationally beloved children’s book author Bobbie Peers’ is now finally available to readers aged 6-9. His new easy-to-read Explorers’ Club series is a topsy-turvy ride through a fantastical new world full of humor, adventure and quirky inventions.


  • “Pure entertainment. /…/ [Bobbie Peers] delivers international entertainment and gives children everything they could wish for. /…/ [The Marshmallow Machine] gives readers of all genders impressive characters to relate to. /…/ The illustrations are attractive and sucks you in. /…/ [It] stirs the imagination, both in illustrations and words. /…/ [The Marshmallow Machine] has taken notes from the movie industry on how to maximize the excitement.”


    Bergens Tidning, Norway

  • “Limitless imagination. /…/ Thrilling, and very, very funny. /…/ It’s brilliant to see how Ella embraces Felix and his world, with a few question marks of course, but nevertheless with utter respect and trust. And even if this is Felix’s world, and it is he who explains how things work around there, it’s Ella who’s the tough one and saves the day. /…/ The plentiful and colorful illustrations help to bring the text to life even further.”

    Barnebokbloggen, Norway

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter Bobbie Peers
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