Kaosparalysatoren William Wenton and the Chaos Paralyzer

William Wenton #5

Something is amiss at the Center for Misinformation. The new guard-bots have taken over. William sees no recourse but to flee, bringing the code pyramid – the only thing that can stop Abraham Talley – with him. But London’s streets are full of perils, the guard-bots are close behind, and he can practically feel Abraham Talley breathing down his neck. William will need the help of old friends and new enemies in order to keep the pyramid safe. But will he succeed before it’s too late?

William Wenton and the Chaos Paralyzer is the fifth book in the William Wenton series. In this installment, old secrets will be revealed and friendships tested as the fight against the evil luridium grows ever fiercer.

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter Bobbie Peers
  • Children's
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