Islossning Meltdown

Berger & Blom #5

A wintery spring has just given way to early summer. Sam Berger, Molly Blom and Deer, their contact at the police office, who is just learning how to walk again after the attack that brutally changed her life, sense an ambiguous connection between the bodies that are being found one by one in the thawing archipelago. Someone is going to murder again. Could Sam, Molly and Deer intervene, or is the truth far worse than what they could ever imagine?

Meltdown is the stand-alone fifth installment in the lauded Berger & Blom series. It’s a raging thriller coming together in a ghastly crescendo masterfully orchestrated as only Arne Dahl knows how.


  • “Arne Dahl is one of the best stylists in the crime fiction genre right now. /…/ [Dahl] constructs advanced, thought-out plots with a steady hand and executes brilliant entertainment.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “As always, the prose is brilliant and with just the right words, Dahl captures environments as well as people, emotion, and suspense. [Dahl] is also completely reliable when it comes to a crime fiction read that is as far from sluggish entertainment as you can possibly come. Commitment, thoughts and strong nerves are required to, after a breathtaking roller-coaster ride, arrive at an ending that is guaranteed to bring shivers of happiness to the loyal Dahl-reader.”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “As usual, Arne Dahl writes in an enigmatic and mysterious manner. The story is carried forward with clever sidetracks. /…/ Dahl manages to twist [the ending] in a delightful way.”

    Mariestads tidning, Sweden

  • “Arne Dahl has a talent for interlacing multiple plot threads to an exciting whole. /…/ [Dahl] repeats this feat with the fifth Berger & Blom novel, and he is also pulling some seriously long threads. As usual, he pulls it off masterfully.”

    VLT, Sweden

  • “World-class suspense. /…/ Arne Dahl has always been highly ranked in the field of original and innovative components with incredible and gruesome elements, both in the form of events and characters, but this time [Dahl] has outdone himself with an outstanding personal best.”

    Kapprakt, Sweden

Photo: Sara Arnald Arne Dahl
  • Thriller
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