De hvide nætter

De hvide nætter The White Nights

Liv Jensen #2

One spring morning, teenage girl Shirin wakes up in a tent on the island of Vorsø. Her big brother is still asleep when she gets up to wash off down by the water. The beach is deserted, and it is far too quiet. Their father, Tami, wanted them to get up early so they could begin fishing at the crack of dawn, but the sun is already high in the sky. She goes to her father’s tent to awaken him, but finds him with his throat cut open, covered in his own blood.

Shirin flees the island to the only family she knows, car mechanic Nima Ansari. The Southeast Jylland’s police receive help from the homicide department in Copenhagen to solve the murder of Tami, who many years ago came to Denmark, escaping the Iranian regime. The case ends up on the desk of investigator Petter Bohm. Feeling stressed and forgetful, Petter asks Liv for help to solve the case and to find Shirin and her brother before the killer does. From Liv’s residence in the basement apartment at Vesterbro, the leads branch out to both the past and present and to the residents of the backyard, who gradually must realize that silence always has a price.

The White Nights is the second installment in the bestselling and critically acclaimed series about investigator and private detective Liv Jensen.


  • The White Nights is an eventful and different crime story. Situations and people are described as if it could be your neighbor being talked about. (…) It’s a pleasant and exciting winter read. ”

    Kulturinformation, Denmark

  • “A real page turner of a crime story.”

    Børsen, Denmark

  • “She manages to put together a plot in the most beautiful way, which is both believable and thrillingly exciting until the very last page.”, Denmark

Photo: Les Kaner Katrine Engberg
  • Crime
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