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Anja Gatu

Anja Gatu (b.1982) is a journalist and writer. As Head of Sports at the newspaper Sydsvenskan and program development manager at P4 Malmöhus, she is an advocator for change within the fields of gender equality, diversity, and digital development.

At only 16 years old, Anja Gatu featured in the anthology Fittstim  and in 2015 she made her debut as a children’s author with Pass the ball, Kosse! Anja Gatu holds writing workshops for children and moderates conversations about sports, gender equality, integration, working life, and mental illness. She also leads diversity workshops within various fields.

Her children’s book series The Cat Spies of Rosengard is one of Sweden’s best selling series.


Shortlisted for the Crimetime Award (Children’s Crime Fiction of the Year) Sweden – Man lever bara nio gånger You Only Live Nine Times 2021
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The Cat Spies of Rosengard

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‘Tinker, Tailor, Cat, Spy’ published in Sweden

It’s autumn and the animals at Rosengård are preparing a fun Halloween party. But what’s happened to Atlas the dog? Samira Karlsson has not seen her friend for several days and is worried. At the dog park, she learns that Atlas has been injured, but strange rumors are buzzing about what really happened to him, and why.

The cat spies have to face the facts: one of their sub-agents has been seriously injured. But is it a threat against the dogs, or the cat spies themselves? The mystery thickens when more dogs get hurt at dog parks around town.

In Tinker, Tailor, Cat, Spy, we once again get to meet all the wonderful characters from Rosengård, such as Elsa of Purrendelle, Kitty, Leroux and Salome, who is now a new (and nervous) double agent, and the rat Shu, who realizes that she must once more help the cats solve their mystery. At the center is, of course, Samira Karlsson, cat spy extraordinaire in a world hidden from the humans.

The children’s book series The Cat Spies of Rosengard is one of Sweden’s best selling series.