Man lever bara nio gånger

Man lever bara nio gånger You Only Live Nine Times

The Cat Spies of Rosengard #1

The cat Samira Karlsson has just moved with her family to the neighborhood of Rosengard. Everything is new and unfamiliar. Soon she encounters Elsa of Purrendelle, a cool and charming cat who takes her to exciting places, like the water playground, the cat café and even a boxing club. With Elsa, she feels brave enough to do anything. But not even in her wildest imagination could Samira Karlsson have imagined that she and Elsa would become secret agents and take on dangerous missions. Suddenly, they find themselves in a world of espionage, secret messages and disguises. The Cat Spies of Rosengard have been looking to recruit a brave and clever new cat – Samira Karlsson is the perfect student. When some baby bunnies go missing and rats begin to run riot in the area, all the local animals are put to the test. They need to cooperate, not fight, but that proves to be difficult when so many are afraid. How will Samira Karlsson know who she can trust? And what hidden forces control the animal world in the city?

The Cat Spies of Rosengard is an exciting chapter book series for ages 6+ where Aristocats meet Mission Impossible. The books have become No. 1 bestsellers and the series is one of the most borrowed at the Swedish libraries.

You Only Live Nine Times is the first installment in the series.


Shortlisted for the Crimetime Award (Children’s Crime Fiction of the Year) Sweden 2021
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  • “Suspense, danger, ingenuity and lots of humor for the slightly younger readers. With a quick pen and rich illustrations, we are quickly pulled into the story. /…/ A well-depicted environment and funny characters, or should we say catacters? Because we love hanging out at the cat spies’ headquarters in Rosengård. ”

    Crimetime Awards Jury, Sweden

  • “One’s thoughts inevitably go to Gösta Knutsson and Pelle Svanslös when a city is pictured from a cat’s perspective. /…/ Friendship and courage are two themes that quickly become lead ones in the story. The author is well acquainted with Rosengård and Malmö, which gives richness to the environmental description. The story can linger on the details, but maintains a pacey narrative that will appeal also to the impatient reader. ”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • You Only Live Nine Times contains both excitement, danger and humor ”

    Borås Tidning, Sweden

  • “Such a cozy children’s book, either for reading aloud or by yourself. Wonderful illustrations. ”

    Adlibris, Sweden

  • “[Gatu] effectively depicts the milieus she portrays. /…/ Gatu leaves room for reflections when the readers get to take part in Samira Karlsson’s dilemmas – she is a cat with a big heart, wants to be kind and often gives thought to how she in the best possible way can act nicely to others. The language is pacey, just like it should be in a spy novel. The thrills are maintained with the help of classic cliffhangers.”

    Sydsvenskan, Sweden

  • “The story is richly illustrated in a comic book style and, in addition to the mystery itself, also addresses how it can feel to be a newcomer without friends, fears of the unknown, and the desire to fit in.”

    Barnens boktips, Sweden

Anja Gatu
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