Miffo Miffo

Tobias is a young priest who rents a room in his ex girlfriend’s apartment. To connect with the people in the assembly he starts door-knocking and comes across the charismatic and impulsive Carola, who sits in a wheelchair, lives off of social security, and shares a house with relatives who are all very keen on a not-so-Christian lifestyle. Though they are from two radically different worlds, Carola and Tobias end up falling in love. But Tobias’ friends and family have a hard time seeing a future for the couple, and when all comes around, Tobias has a hard time standing up for his love for Carola.

Feature film starring Jonas Karlsson and Livia Millhagen, among others.

Screenplay by Malin Lagerlöf, directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf.

Photo: Linnéa Pettersson Malin Lagerlöf
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Romance

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