Hans och Hennes

Hans och Hennes His and Hers

Johan works at his father’s farm and is happily in love with his girlfriend Anna-Karin. When they announce the news that they are getting married, Johan’s father is happy to pass on the farm to the next generation. But Johan and Anna-Karin, who would rather focus on starting a family, aren’t quite as thrilled about the arrangement. However producing children is more difficult than expected, and when it turns out Johan’s sperm aren’t of the best quality, the young couple’s plans are complicated.

His and Hers is a romantic drama starring Jonas Karlsson, Johanna Sällström and Shanti Roney among others.

Screenplay Malin Lagerlöf, directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf.


  • Skånska Dagbladet

Photo: Linnéa Pettersson Malin Lagerlöf
  • Drama

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