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Jonas Bonnier

Jonas Bonnier (b. 1963) is a novelist, screenwriter and journalist. He was the CEO & President of the Bonnier Group from 2008 until 2014. Jonas Bonnier lives with his wife and two children in Miami.


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The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Katrine Engberg’s The Tenant is yet again No. 1 on the official Swedish bestseller list for paperbacks, coming in at the top for the fourth week in a row. The hardcover list meanwhile sees Jonas Bonnier land a No. 3 placement with The Day of the Lord, and Niklas Natt och Dag appear at No. 4 with 1794. Natt och Dag’s debut title, The Wolf and the Watchman, comes in at No. 4 on the audio list. It is closely followed by Anne Holt’s A Grave For Two, which is No. 5 in audio as well as e-books. The No. 4 spot on the e-book list goes to Anders Roslund and Knock Knock.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Katrine Engberg's The Tenant continues to reign the paperback list, claiming the No. 1 spot also this week. Niklas Natt och Dag's debut novel The Wolf and the Watchman nabs the No. 5 spot on the same list, while the hardcover list sees Natt och Dag's succeeding novel 1794 in the No. 4 position. The hardcover list also features Jonas Bonnier's The Day of the Lord, which comes in at No. 5.

Anders Roslund meanwhile is No. 2 on the e-book list with his crime fiction novel Knock Knock, accompanied by Anne Holt's A Grave For Two at No. 3 and Natt och Dag's The Wolf and the Watchman at No. 4.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

The official Swedish bestseller lists for week 44 feature Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1794 at No. 2 on the hardcover list, and No. 5 on the e-book one. Simona Arhnstedt follows just behind, laying claim to the No. 3 spot on the hardcover list with Just a Little More, which is also No. 4 in e-book. Jonas Bonnier meanwhile grabs the No. 4 placement in hardcover, additionally coming in at No. 2 in audio with The Day of the Lord.

Anders de la Motte doesn't budge from his place at the top of the paperback list, coming in at No. 1 also this week with Dead of Winter.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

Anders de la Motte and Dead of Winter come in at No. 1 on the official Swedish bestseller list for paperbacks in week 43. Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s A Higher Justice meanwhile claims the No. 5 spot.

On the hardcover list, Niklas Natt och Dag’s 1794 comes in at No. 2, featuring also at No. 4 on the e-book list. The Wolf and the Watchman, Natt och Dag’s debut, comes in at No. 5 in audio. Returning to the hardcover list, we see the just published The Day of the Lord by Jonas Bonnier at No. 5.

Lastly, Simona Ahrnstedt’s Just a Little More comes in at the top of the audio list. In addition to that No. 1 spot, she also comes in at No. 3 in e-book.

‘The Day of the Lord’ published in Sweden

Cell phones have just become a thing when Kristina Forsman and her husband Sindre move to Knutby, a small community in rural central Sweden. Sindre has been offered the job of pastor in the local free church by Eva Skoog, its charismatic leader figure. As Sindre revels in his new position, quickly making himself indispensable, Kristina finds herself perched on the edge of a lifestyle and community that want to swallow her whole. At the center of it all is Eva, gathering new members into her fold, lost souls who have been called to join the cause as the word spreads: Knutby will be the place where God’s secrets will be known. And, as Kristina herself will dream, where His Son shall take a human bride – Eva.

Jonas Bonnier’s The Day of the Lord is a tightly spun, small-scale epic of murder, unbridled greed and desire for power and sex, playing out over the course of seven years. Claustrophobic, it immerses the reader in the world of seemingly sensible people corralled into a twisted faith with the threat of isolation and shame. Cold-blooded, it portrays the perspectives of those willing to twist the word of their own god to suit their lusts. Before The Day of the Lord comes to an end, two people will have died, and even more souls and psyches been torn asunder.

Jake Gyllenhaal to team up with Oscar-winning duo for ‘The Helicopter Heist’

Filmmaker-duo Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin, who won an Oscar for ‘Best Documentary’ for Free Solo, are in early talks with Netflix to helm the movie based on Jonas Bonnier’s The Helicopter Heist, starring Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead. Gyllenhaal will also produce the drama with his Nine Stories partner Riva Marker and ACE Content partner Evan Hayes (Free Solo).

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‘Unwanted’ and ‘The Helicopter Heist’ chosen by Dagens Nyheter as the best audiobooks of the summer

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest national newspaper, has announced a list of this summer’s best audiobooks, and on it is Kristina Ohlsson’s Unwanted and Jonas Bonnier’s The Helicopter Heist. The newspaper motivates its choices thusly:

Kristina Ohlsson, Unwanted: “It’s easy to be taken with the series about civil investigator Fredrika Bergman. /…/ An easy-to-listen-to crime novel that quickly absorbs you and has an ending that’s hard to guess at beforehand.”

Jonas Bonnier, The Helicopter Heist: “A pacey and thoroughly entertaining story about one of the most spectacular robberies in Swedish history. The audiobook’s capacity to give life to different kinds of speech and jargon is masterfully utilized by Gerhard Hoberstorfer. It’s worth listening to the original novel before it’s made into a TV series on Netflix.”

‘The Helicopter Heist’ No. 4 in Sweden

Jonas Bonnier’s critically acclaimed The Helicopter Heist has gone straight to No. 4 on the Swedish official bestseller list for hardcover fiction.

‘The Helicopter Heist’ published in Sweden

Fun, thrilling and utterly captivating, The Helicopter Heist is the page-turning inside account of how four young men from the Swedish suburbs, each of a different nationality, pulled off “one of the most spectacular heists of all time” (TIME Magazine).

Until now, the four robbers have never spoken publicly about what went down before and during the audacious raid in which all emerged unscathed. Through meticulous research and countless interviews with the four men, Jonas Bonnier has crafted a wildly entertaining roller coaster ride of a novel, based on the true events of September 2009’s spectacular heist that stunned the police and turned four gangsters into heroes. “It was a heist right out of the movies: Thieves lowering from a helicopter, a huge lump of cash and an audacious twist in the plot that any crime writer would be proud of.” (CBS)

Jonas Bonnier’s ‘The Helicopter Heist’ sold to Netflix and Nine Stories with Jake Gyllenhaal to star

The feature film-rights to Jonas Bonnier’s The Helicopter Heist, the novel based on the spectacular helicopter robbery that took place in Stockholm in 2009, have been acquired by Netflix on behalf of Jake Gyllenhaal and his production company Nine Stories. Jake Gyllenhaal is attached to star and Jonas Bonnier and Niclas Salomonsson will executive produce. The deal was brokered by Sylvie Rabineau at WME.

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