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Spionen Bergling Fandango Calling

Ever since his arrest in Israel in 1979, the name Stig Bergling has been synonymous to espionage. He has been portrayed as a master spy and a true original. A lady’s man, married many times over but never to the love of his life. Time after time, he eluded Swedish justice, not least through the spectacular prison escape in October 1987.

But was Stig Bergling the spy all that successful? Who benefited from his escapades and who was sacrificed in order for him to gain his freedom? Jonas Bonnier’s skillfully constructed novel challenges the myth surrounding Bergling and invites the reader to a breathtaking adventure in the bizarre world that agents live and work in.


  • “[Jonas Bonnier] knows his craft, he nurtures the classic cliff hangers that he artfully places in exactly the right places and builds a dense atmosphere of small deceits and big betrayals. /…/ It’s suggestive and done with a fine sense for the shimmering detail.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “Bonnier focuses a lot on the person behind the spy and it’s in many ways a fascinating portrayal /…/ The author holds the reader in a tight grip with short chapters, filmic scenes, and a linguistic sharpness.”

    Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

  • “[Jonas Bonnier] has spun a – it can well be said right from the start – very entertaining and suspenseful story about the spy Stig Bergling, who in the 1970s provided the Soviet Union with information about Swedish defense secrets. /…/ A highly charged crime story. /…/ [Bonnier] is one of the most driven and interesting Swedish crime writers of the moment.”

    Alba, Sweden

Photo: Thron Ullberg Jonas Bonnier
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