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Cina Friedner

Cina Friedner (b. 1982), raised in Jönköping but now a resident of Stockholm, is a translator and editor. She debuted as an author in 2019 with So Freaking Mean. Cina is one of the most topical writers out there with her books about relationships and conflicts in a fifth grade class.


“Author Cina Friedner deftly weaves the whole story together, and that’s what makes it well worth reading.”
– Kulturnytt i P4

“Debuting author Cina Friedner writes fluently and effortlessly about how quickly power can shift within a class.”
– Dagens Nyheter


Never Back Down


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‘The Worst Thing That Could Happen is Everything’ published in Sweden

Car crashes.
Nuclear wars.

So many horrible things can potentially happen, and Belle wants to be prepared for anything. That is why she has started to build a secret prepping storage in the basement. She gathers canned goods, toilet paper, and big bottles of water. It feels safe, in the basement she has control over things. No one in her family can know about it, the only one who does is her best friend Saga. But when her class is going on a camping trip, nothing can calm Belle down. So many horrible things can happen out there in the wilderness! The only thing she can do is bow down and await the disaster. Or has it already happened?

Cina Friedner’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen is Everything is a story filled with humor, friendship, and grief that makes you both laugh out loud and ugly cry. A story about everyday life as a middle grader, but also about how to get back on your feet when life has been shattered into a million pieces.

‘Just Be Chill’ published in Sweden

The news hits like a bomb: Ivan and Lydia are dating! Nisse can barely believe it, even though he knows that they have liked each other for ages. And now they are together, for real! It feels strange, and when Wasim returns from his vacation with the news that he too has met a girl, the ground beneath Nisse’s feet suddenly feels shaky. Shit! In just a couple of days they will start sixth grade and he is the only one not dating someone. What is he supposed to do?

In the third and final installment about your favorite middle schoolers, the boys have the floor. It is the story about the final week of summer break before sixth grade told from two perspectives, everything that happens, everything that doesn’t, and everything that perhaps should happen. Humor, seriousness, and recognition aplenty!

Just Be Chill is a stand-alone sequel to Cina Friedner’s beloved Never Back Down and Not Entirely True.