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Aldrig backa Never Back Down

Never Back Down #1

Ivan and Lydia are not together. At least not officially. But there is still something there, something special. Not so strange then that the other guys want Ivan to send that message to Lydia after the fight on the soccer field. If someone else did it, it wouldn’t be as funny, or cause as much chaos. Lydia will be sad of course, but some things you’ll just have to take in the name of good fun, right? Or does she have no sense of humor?

What happens between Ivan and Lydia is the beginning of something bigger. Suddenly the girls have had enough. Why should the boys always be allowed to do what they want, just because there are more of them and their voices are louder? Things are about to change! No one is going to get away with calling the flat rounders bat “the girls’ bat,” or cutting in line during lunch anymore. The boys will be put in their place, once and for all!

Never Back Down has plenty of humor as well as seriousness as it tells the story of a middle school class where the girls rebel. From two different perspectives, we get to follow the conflict, which soon becomes deadly serious – for everyone involved.

Never Back Down is the first installment in the series about class 5A.


  • “This is a book with high recognition of life in middle school, accurately portrayed by Cina Friedner.”

    Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “It is easy to read but loaded with expressive psychological observations and moral perspectives. The tone holds an indignant heat, which helps establish the book’s appeal.”

    Smålandsposten, Sweden

  • “It is exciting that every other chapter is told through Lydia’s perspective, and every other through Ivan’s. Never Back Down is an important and excellent book.”

    Kalmarposten, Sweden

  • “A book well-worth the read and very suitable as a foundation for discussions about relationships and disputes. In short, Never Back Down is a well-written and engaging book about how difficult it can be to change a bad atmosphere and solve conflicts.”

    BTJ, Sweden

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Never Back Down