Det värsta som kan hända är allt

Det värsta som kan hända är allt The Worst Thing That Could Happen is Everything

Car crashes.
Nuclear wars.

So many horrible things can potentially happen, and Belle wants to be prepared for anything. That is why she has started to build a secret prepping storage in the basement. She gathers canned goods, toilet paper, and big bottles of water. It feels safe, in the basement she has control over things. No one in her family can know about it, the only one who does is her best friend Saga. But when her class is going on a camping trip, nothing can calm Belle down. So many horrible things can happen out there in the wilderness! The only thing she can do is bow down and await the disaster. Or has it already happened?

The Worst Thing That Could Happen is Everything is a story filled with humor, friendship, and grief, bound to make you both laugh out loud and ugly cry.


  • “There is a nice flow to the language and the humor is well-balanced. [The Worst Thing That Can Happen is Everything] is written in first person, which allows the reader to get very close to Belle’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Many kids of today share Belle’s worries in different ways and can recognize themselves in the way she thinks. This is an important, sad, hopeful story about how to try to manage your emotions after a big loss.”

    BTJ, Sweden

  • “A truly great book for the middle grade reader. [The Worst Thing That Can Happen is Everything] is full of thoughts and feelings, and it helps you find the words when things are too difficult to comprehend.”

    Prickiga Paula, Sweden

  • “As always, Cina Friedner writes with both depth and warm humour. If you want to read truly great books for the middle grade, she is a safe bet.”

    Vi Läser, Sweden

  • “This is a truly great and surprising novel about friendship, anxiety and grief.”

    SvD junior, Sweden

Cina Friedner
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