Dillstaligan: Fängelsekuppen

Dillstaligan: Fängelsekuppen The Dillsta Gang and the Prison Heist

The Dillsta Gang #5

Things are getting serious. Zasha’s father is in prison and an increasing amount of evidence suggests he’s innocent.

Jonathan, Bollan and Zasha soon realize that the police are working far too slow, as the real villains are doing their utmost to destroy all the evidence that could free Zasha’s father! The Dillsta Gang must take matters into their own hands and free him…

This will be the Dillsta Gang’s most important and difficult heist ever, because this time around they are going to have to outsmart both the villains and the police.

And this time, Zasha seems to be frightened for real…

The Dillsta Gang and the Prison Heist is the fifth installment in The Dillsta Gang series – fast-paced and fun books for younger readers by Jens and Hedda Lapidus.

Jens Lapidus & Hedda Lapidus
  • Children's
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Finland, Karisto

Norway, Cappelen Damm

Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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