Sofia Lundberg

Sofia Lundberg (b. 1974), a journalist and former magazine editor, made her debut with the word-of-mouth sensation The Red Address Book. Lauded by critics for her ability to sweep readers off their feet and take them on journeys through time and space, love and loss, Lundberg is the shining new star of heartwarming – and heart-wrenching – Scandinavian fiction.


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Sofia Lundberg No. 1 in Sweden

Sofia Lundberg’s new novel, A Question Mark Is Half a Heart, is No. 1 on Adlibris’ bestseller list covering all genres and formats. Adlibris is Sweden’s biggest online book retailer.

‘A Question Mark Is Half a Heart’ published in Sweden

Elin Boals has the perfect life. A successful photographer in New York, she’s married to the wonderful Sam and together they have a seventeen-year-old daughter, Alice. But something has always been missing in the picture of their perfect family.

One day, Elin receives a letter from her childhood friend Fredrik, her one true friend and lifeline during her poverty-stricken childhood on the island of Gotland outside Sweden. It’s a voice from the past that Elin has done everything in her power to forget and hide from everyone, even those closest to her. Memories and thoughts come flooding back with this unexpected sign of life. It drives a wedge between Elin and her family and fills her with shame over what she once did, the secret that made her run away from the island and never return.

In the end, Elin realizes that she must face her past to become whole again, and save the family she has now. She sets out on a journey to another continent, but also to another time and another life.

A Question Mark Is Half a Heart is a captivating story about overcoming shame and guilt, about finding oneself and the truth. And in doing so, learning how to love. A Question Mark Is Half a Heart is Sofia Lundberg’s second novel to date.

French trailer for ‘The Red Address Book’

The breathtaking French trailer for Sofia Lundberg’s novel The Red Address Book is now available on Youtube! The Red Address Book will be published in France on June 1st, by Calmann-Lévy.

Sofia Lundberg No. 4 in Finland

Sofia Lundberg’s heart-warming debut novel The Red Address Book is No. 4 on the largest bookstore chain Suomalainen Kirjakauppa’s bestseller list in Finland.

Roslund & Hellström, Kristina Ohlsson, Sofia Lundberg and Fredrik Backman on the Swedish bestseller lists

Roslund & Hellström’s Three Minutes stays at the No. 2 spot on the official Swedish bestseller list for paperback fiction this week. It is joined by Kristina Ohlsson’s The Mystery on Eagle’s Cliff, which claims No. 5 on the children’s books list, and Fredrik Backman’s The Deal of A Lifetime at No. 6 on the hardcover fiction list. On the e-book list Sofia Lundberg’s The Red Address Book makes a strong first appearance, jumping straight to No. 5.

Official ‘The Red Address Book’ book trailer

The official Swedish book trailer for Sofia Lundberg’s The Red Address Book is out! Published by Forum on November 1st, the book is now out in stores in Sweden.

Translation of the video’s text:

Every life holds so much love, happiness and sorrow.
If only we take the time to listen...
Meet 96-year-old Doris in a charming, heart-warming novel about life’s miracles.

The Red Address Book, Sofia Lundberg
The readers’ favorite that’s now been sold to 28 territories!

‘The Red Address Book’ published in Sweden

Life is a string of meetings, each one like a pearl on a necklace. We meet and love, we part ways and reunite, we share in joy and defeat, and we have our hearts broken.

96-year-old Doris has had the same address book since 1928. The little red book holds her very own pearl necklace, the people she has met and loved throughout her life. Now Doris lives alone in an apartment in central Stockholm. Most of the names in her book are crossed over, gone from this world, and her only visitors are from the home care. Doris’ greatest source of joy are the calls from her grandniece Jenny on the other side of the Atlantic. One day Doris begins to write down the story of how she met the people that shaped her life, so that Jenny, who will be the only one to remember Doris, will be able to share her most precious possession: her memories.

Sofia Lundberg’s The Red Address Book took the Swedish blogging community by storm when it was first self-published. Now The Red Address Book is out in a revised hardcover edition, published by Forum.

New Author - Sofia Lundberg

Sofia Lundberg (b. 1974), a journalist and former magazine editor, is the debut author behind the Swedish word-of-mouth and blog sensation The Red Address Book. Sofia lives in Stockholm with her son.