Loui & Rio: Kampen mot tramset

Loui & Rio: Kampen mot tramset Loui & Rio: The Fight Against Nonsense

Loui & Rio #1

Imagination and such drivel is just the worst – at least according to Loui and Rio. They’re best friends who have founded a science club to make the world a little better, a little more sensible. But how are they supposed to fight imagination when it suddenly makes an appearance in reality?

One night during a club meeting, a peculiar little creature turns up, one that Loui and Rio can’t find a scientific explanation for. And the next day all the adults are suddenly looking strangely sad. The newspaper claims that a real, living dragon has appeared in town. What’s going on? Has the melting permafrost set the dragons free? Is it their poison that’s making everyone so sad?

Slowly it dawns on Loui and Rio that it’s not just dragons that have crossed the boundary of imagination into reality. A horde of other make-believe and silly monsters have come, too. Will Loui and Rio be able to stop the tide before the earth is completely overrun by nonsense?

Loui & Rio: The Fight Against Nonsense is the first book in Sofia Lundberg’s series about Loui & Rio and a wild adventure jam-packed with craziness – a loving ode to the imagination.


  • “A hilarious and fun romp to put everything right again. Loui & Rio: The Fight Against Nonsense is a breakneck and fantastical tale full of kooky events, personalities and emotions. Debuting children’s author Sofia Lundberg has created a real-life daydream that plays out before the mind’s eye of the reader. Daniel Puppet Blomqvist’s cool, colorful illustrations are well-made and excellently capture details and contexts from the text. Reading this book feels like [watching] a lovely animated movie, and the message is – despite the importance of science – that having fun is a must!”


    BTJ, Sweden

Photo: Viktor Fremling Sofia Lundberg
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