Lina Bengtsdotter

Lina Bengtsdotter (b. 1977) was raised in the small town of Gullspång, the setting of her lauded Charlie Lager series. She has a background in teaching within the fields of Swedish and Psychology and started off her literary career as a short story writer with works published in numerous newspapers in the Nordic countries.

Her full-length debut For the Missing landed her the 2017 Crimetime Specsavers Award for ‘Crime Debut of the Year’ in Sweden and established a cutting-edge authorship on the world stage, defined by well-crafted page-turner plotlines and captivating character portrayals.

“The dark humor, compelling characters and exquisite writing means you’re always in for a treat with Lina Bengtsdotter’s novels.”
–Camilla Läckberg

“Lina Bengtsdotter’s books are beautiful, dark and completely addictive. I love them!”
–Katrine Engberg


Longlisted for the MIMI Award (Best Crime Fiction Novel) Germany – Francesca For the Dead 2020
Shortlisted for the Prix des Lecteurs du Livre de Poche (Best Crime) France – Annabelle For the Missing 2020
Crimetime Specsavers Award (Crime Debut of the Year) Sweden – Annabelle For the Missing 2017
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Sakka Pienni

Charlie Lager


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‘The Raven’ published in Sweden

On a spring night, a young mother is found shot to death in her luxury villa in Djursholm. Detective inspector Sakka Pienni and her team at Regional Investigation Unit in Stockholm are handed the case. An intense investigation, which exposes family secrets, lies, and unreliable alibis, is soon in full force.

As the case grows and demands more victims, Sakka is haunted by childhood memories from the dark lands in the north. At the same time, she does everything in her power to shield the secret which threatens to destroy both her personal life as well as her career. It does not take long before her greatest fear is not only losing sight of the killer but something even worse: losing herself.

With The Raven, award-winning author Lina Bengtsdotter is back with the first installment in a new series featuring Detective Inspector Sakka Pienni. Bengtsdotter seamlessly waves together contrasting environments in a series of books that touches mental illness, childhood trauma, the culture of silence, and class.

New Title: ‘Play With Fire’

Following a desperate phone call from her childhood friend Katja, Vega is forced to return home to the small village of Silverbro that she left for London ten years back. The girls were inseparable as children: Katja with her broken childhood and Vega with the void from her dead mother. But a shocking event ripped them apart. When Vega arrives to Silverbro, Katja has gone missing without a trace and this inevitably brings Katja’s aunt to mind, the teenager that disappeared more than thirty years ago. What has happened to Katja? Are the disappearances somehow linked and will Vega find Katja before it’s too late – or will their dark secret that threatens to destroy Vega’s life as she knows it come to light?

Lina Bengtsdotter, known for her highly praised and award-winning Charlie Lager books, is finally back.

‘For the Lost’ a German bestseller

Lina Bengtsdotter’s third novel in the Charlie Lager series, For the Lost, celebrates five consecutive weeks on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list in Germany, this week at No. 20.

‘For the Dead’ longlisted for the MIMI Award

Lina Bengtsdotter’s For the Dead is officially longlisted for the MIMI Award – the German booksellers’ crime fiction prize. A jury of booksellers has selected 30 titles to be featured on the long list, and from September until the middle of December fans can vote for a nominee. Ten titles then continue to the short list, and in the second round, from the middle of December till the end of January, readers are again able to vote for their one favorite title to win the award.

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The July bestseller lists in Sweden

The month of July sees Anders Roslund feature on the Swedish bestseller lists with his novel Sweet Dreams, which claims the No. 1 spot on both the hardcover and the e-book list, as well as the No. 2 spot on the audiobook list. Sweet Dreams’s predecessor, Knock Knock, grabs the No. 2 spot on the paperback list, as well as the No. 5 spot on the e-book list. Also on the paperback list is Simona Ahrnstedt’s Just a Bit More, claiming No. 7. Lina Bengtsdotter’s Beatrice nabs No. 5 on the audiobook list.

‘For the Dead’ No. 10 in Germany

Lina Bengtsdotter’s For the Dead claims the No. 10 spot on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for week 33. This marks the novel’s third consecutive week in the top 10.

‘For the Dead’ No. 9 on German bestseller list

Lina Bengtsdotter’s second Charlie Lager novel For the Dead comes in at No. 9 on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for paperbacks in Germany. This is the novel's second consecutive week in top 10. Meanwhile, the title grabs the No. 8 spot on the Swiss bestseller list for paperbacks.

‘For the Dead’ No. 8 on German bestseller list

Lina Bengtsdotter’s second Charlie Lager novel For the Dead is No. 8 on this week’s Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for paperbacks in Germany.

The weekly Swedish bestseller lists

This week Anders Roslund reigns the Swedish bestseller lists, claiming the No. 1 spot in both hardback and e-book as well as the No. 5 in audio with his recently published Sweet Dreams. Its predecessor Knock Knock also features at No. 2 in paperback and No. 8 in e-book. Lina Bengtsdotter's newly published Beatrice meanwhile makes an appearance in audio at No. 2, whilst Simona Ahrnstedt stays put at No. 6 in the paperback category with her Just a Bit More.

‘Beatrice’ published in Sweden

Detective Charlie Lager is struggling with her personal demons when she is called to Karlstad, where a nine-month-old girl has gone missing. The parents are in a state of shock and media is in a frenzy. As promising leads end up going nowhere, Charlie begins to feel like no one actually wants to speak the truth about the missing baby, Beatrice. With each passing hour, the chance of finding the infant alive becomes less likely and Charlie is forced to push herself to the limits.

Beatrice is a story about broken souls, betrayals and cut family ties – the most breathtaking and thrilling work of award-winner Lina Bengtsdotter to date.

Lina Bengtsdotter and Sofia Lundberg winners in the 2020 Prix des Lecteurs March selection

Lina Bengtsdotter and Sofia Lundberg are officially winners in the March selection for the 2020 Prix des Lecteurs du Livre de Poche. Bengtsdotter’s debut suspense novel For the Missing was voted the winner of the ‘crime & thriller’ category, while Lundberg’s The Red Address Book won in the ‘literary’ category. They are now competing in the grand finale taking place in September.

Lina Bengtsdotter and Sofia Lundberg nominated for 2020 Prix des Lecteurs

Lina Bengtsdotter and Sofia Lundberg are both nominated for a 2020 Prix des Lecteurs du Livre de Poche in France. Bengtsdotter’s For the Missing is one of three books in the running for the ‘crime & thriller’ category’s award, while Lundberg’s novel The Red Address Book is nominated in the ‘literary’ category. Readers will have until the end of the month to vote for a finalist that will then compete in the grand finale in September.

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