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Thomas Seltzer

Thomas Seltzer (b. 1969) has his roots in Texas and Kansas and spent his early childhood in the so-called Rust Belt in Wisconsin, before moving to Norway. He is known as the bass player in Turbonegro and as presenter for Norwegian public television. In 2016, he made the documentary In the Backyard of Hillary and Donald and four years later UXA – Thomas Seltzer’s America. The latter is one of the most watched Norwegian TV documentaries of all time.

American Karmageddon – Thoughts on My Damned Fatherland is Thomas Seltzer’s much anticipated literary debut.


“Americana on speed, a Norwegian Hunter S. Thompson. Not only because Rammstein are right (”We’re all living in America), but because the book is so bloody good!”
–Jo Nesbø  on American Karmageddon

“Everyone who wishes to learn more about the last 50 years’ societal development in the US must read Thomas Seltzer’s book. /…/ [It] gave me a significantly deeper understanding of both the American people and the massive forces tearing the nation apart.”
–Jojje Wadenius, guitarist,  on American Karmageddon

“Thomas Seltzer is a searingly intelligent multi hyphen legend. A star of the Scandinavian rock’n’roll scene, documentarian, and talk show host, he now examines his American roots and what’s left of the American dream in his triumphant and uniquely written first literary offering. Insightful, maddening and endlessly enchanting, this is a must read for those of us searching for context and clarity in today’s Divided States of America.”
–Johnny Knoxville, actor,  on American Karmageddon

“Thomas Seltzer is the travelling companion of your dreams. He takes us to the (just about still) beating heart of America – a homecoming for him and a revelation for us. His sees everything, feels everything and we – caught up in his wake – can only be in equal parts, awestruck, astonished, amused, enraged and inspired by his company”
–Stephen Fry  on «UXA – Thomas Seltzer’s America».

“This harrowing and masterly executed tale of Thomas Seltzer revisiting his origin is both deeply personal and unravelling as it peels off the skin of the American underbelly”
-Johan Renck, director of Chernobyl and Breaking Bad on «UXA – Thomas Seltzer’s America».


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Photo: Tobias Willumstad

Thomas Seltzer No. 1 in Norway

Thomas Seltzer’s American Karmageddon comes in at No. 1 on the official Norwegian bestseller list for non-fiction for the second consecutive week.

‘American Karmageddon’ No. 1 in Norway

Thomas Seltzer’s highly anticipated literary debut, American Karmageddon, just published by Oktober in Norway, enters the Norwegian bestseller list for non-fiction at No. 1.