Lisbet och Sambakungen

Lisbet och Sambakungen Lisbet and the Samba King

Lisbet and the Samba King #1

Lisbet lives with her granny the Samba King and the stern pirate cat Sixten in an ordinary house on an ordinary street. But beneath the ordinary surface, there’s more to the story: the Samba King is a former secret agent that holds the world record in just about anything, if you ask her. Lisbet loves living with her granny – it’s a riot! But sometimes the Samba King gets to be a bit too much even for Lisbet, making her think that it would be nice to have someone around that’s more like herself. Then one day a postcard arrives, welcoming Lisbet to school. She’ll finally start first grade.

The news has the Samba King acting as if someone has just died: School means the end of summers as they know them and granny fears the dull classes will take Lisbet’s imagination away forever, making her just like everyone else. Together they decide to do as many crazy antics as possible during this last summer of freedom. Secretly, though, Lisbet is rather excited about starting school and finally making a friend of her own…

Lisbet and the Samba King is a hilarious, exuberant and norm-creative chapter book that asks the question: “Do you have the right to be you – even if that means just being ordinary?”

“A hilarious, warm and crazy new world. Read-out-loud literature at it’s very best!”
Martin Widmark


  • “This is a book written to be read out loud. It’s wonderfully crazy and humoristic, just like Hanna Gustavsson’s accompanying illustrations.”

    Skolfamiljen, Sweden

  • Lisbet and the Samba King is a chapter book filled with zany stories, excellent for being read out loud. /…/ There is a lot of funny quirks to the book, for example Sixten the pirate cat with his wooden leg that enriches the story. /…/ Lisbet and the Samba King is a hilarious book that both invites to exciting reflections and offers crazy antics to enjoy.

    Barnboksprat, Sweden

  • “A wild, hilarious and entirely unexpected norm-creative tale told from the child’s perspective.”

    Sveriges Radio, Sweden

  • I can’t recall any other book that has granted me and the younger test panel – who are eagerly awaiting the sequel – greater joy as of late.

    Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • “I have two new favourites, Lisbet and her granny the Samba King./…/ [Lisbet and the Samba King] is funny, bonkers, crazy, feministic and between the lines a tad bit sad. It’s topped off with colourful and imaginative illustrations by Hanna Gustavsson. Go ahead and read – I said read! Read out loud together with young and old.”

    Prickiga Paula och böckerna, Sweden

  • “This is a hilarious chapter book about summer and funny antics. The books questions norms in a good way, and touches upon the value of getting to be whoever one wants to be.”

    Ge mig boken!, Sweden

  • “A chapter book that questions norms, filled with absurd humor and a wild imagination.”

    Boklus, Sweden

  • Lisbet and the Samba King is a firework of color, norm-creativity and imagination. The character gallery sparkles with creativity, warmth and liberating silliness. A much welcomed addition amongst illustrated chapter books /…/ A read-out-loud treat for the entire family!

    Barnens boktips, Sweden

  • “A belly laugh-inducing book.”

    Barn- och ungdomsboksbloggen, Sweden

  • “The book’s zany humor, crazy antics and themes such as the right to be just as you are evokes classics such as Karlsson-on-the-roof and Pippi Longstocking.”

    Bokino, Sweden

  • “A slam dunk./…/ Emma Karinsdotter has written a thought-provoking and entertaining book about daring to be yourself.”

    Kommunalarbetaren, Sweden

  • [Lisbet and the Samba King] brings my mind to Pippi Longstocking. /…/ It’s humorous and twisted, a tribute to play and imagination. /…/ The book conveys the message that it’s alright to be just as you are – it’s okay to be different, and it’s also okay to be just alike. Just be yourself. /…/ A read-out-loud gem that suits ages 6-9 and that will also likely appeal to many adults with its blend of crazy hilarious humor, poignancy and gravity. It also leaves room for discussions about the book’s themes in connection to reading, if one is so inclined. Lisbet is a sympathetic character that thinks and ponders a lot, and who goes her own way. The book is richly illustrated with humoristic and charming illustrations.

    Barnboksbloggen, Sweden

  • “A captivating story that brings back childhood memories and shows that adults too can be a bit crazy sometimes. ”

    Libelle, Germany

  • “[Lisbet and the Samba King] is bonkers, funny, wonderfully unconventional and often reminds me of the stories about Pippi Longstocking. /…/ For all children from five/six years who are keen to laugh out loud when reading.”

    WIR in Bayern, Germany

  • “The story about Granny and Lisbet is enchanting.”

    Badische Zeitung, Germany

Photo: Julia Lindemalm Emma Karinsdotter
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