En apelsin bland päron

En apelsin bland päron An Orange Among Pears

Lisbet and the Samba King #4

A letter arrives, inviting Lisbet’s granny The Samba King to attend a pear-ent meeting at Pear School. Granny immediately decides that if everyone will go as a pear, she will of course go as an orange instead. Lisbet panics when she realizes that the pear-ent thing is just a play on words – no one else will be wearing a costume! And in Pear School the principal makes a big deal about fitting in. What if granny’s crazy antics means Lisbet will be kicked out of school?!

An Orange Among Pears is an hilarious, zany and heartwarming story about wanting to fit in, and about having a granny who always wants to do the opposite of everyone else. Here comes a shorter and more easy-to-read book set in the colorful Lisbet and The Samba King-universe, perfect for children who want to read themselves about the adventures of these beloved characters.


  • “How we love these books. I can’t quite even do them justice here. Granny is like a grown-up Pippi Longstocking who always does things just the way she likes to. There’s so much humour but also a lot of poignancy in these books. It’s a great contrast. They invite for discussion. When I read these with the children the pages went by at a worrying pace. Such an incredible book. We’ve laughed out loud so many times, almost making it difficult for me to keep reading. If you haven’t already, make sure to read them!”

    Emeliesboktips, Sweden

  • “What a delight to get to dive into Lisbet and The Samba King’s world once again!”

    Bokmorsa, Sweden

Photo: Julia Lindemalm Emma Karinsdotter
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